Freedom is not free. MGTOW.TV has real world costs for running the biggest Men Going Their Own Way platform. We have ever growing (because MGTOW is growing) costs that we must meet on a monthly basis.


of funded,

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The following are products we make commission off of. The Brave Browser is free.

As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases. May we suggest protein powders?

Donation based

In addition to donations*, you can use the following methods to pay for products and services or fund your wallet**.

*If not donation based, use the contact form to let us know what you want the funds to go for. **Credit cards are never processed or saved on our servers

Premium Memberships

The best way to support MGTOW.TV is to buy one of our membership packages. We currently have two premium packages charged on a monthly basis, Lite ($5) for viewers and Pro ($10) for creators.

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Consider a sponsorship with us because this is this best way to raise awareness of your brand with our audience. MGTOW.TV receives over 50000 users a months and most of them spend 5 minutes or more on the platform. Sponsorships are $100 a month and will get you listed on our sponsors page that's available site wide accessible from the bottom links. You will also get a special thanks to our sponsors in a link embedded in our notification emails, we send over 300k of them a month. On top of that, each sponsor will get an individualized shoutout by our founder Alpha Male Lifestyle in his videos. AML's videos usually get around 300 views on MGTOW.TV and around 1000 on Youtube. * * No guarantee AML's video will make it to Youtube because Susan any day can axe his channel, again.

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If you are a business, advertising with us is a great way to engage with our audience by getting your brand out there. Our users consume over 100 TB of videos a month and view over 1/3rd of a million pages. You can choose video or banner ads. Video ads are $2.00 per 1000 views and aslo feature an img/text based ad in case of anti-ad software We have code that detects and prohibits ad fraud * You can buy banners ads such as header, sidebar, and comments section Ad blockers and Brave do not stop your banner ad from showing Ad special, Header ad rotated with three (3) others only $250 a month! * ad fraud can never truly be eliminated, however, it can be minimized

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