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15 Year Old Asks To Touch Her Hooters & Dies When She Says No! - MGTOW

Published on 03/21/22 / In Red Pill

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Boy accused of asking to touch girl's breast was treated like a 'monster' before suicide

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Hi Everyone Sandman Here,

This video is brought to you by a donation from Eric on Patreon. He didn't send me a topic with his donation so I wanted to discuss an article I found called: "Boy accused of asking to touch girl's breast was treated like a 'monster' before suicide" which I've linked to in the description. Here's part of what the article says and I quote: "A 15 year old took his own life after he was accused of asking to touch a girl's breast at a sleepover and then treated like a 'monster', an inquest heard. Max Thurnell-Read was investigated by police who concluded he was not guilty 'in any way shape or form' and the complaint was dropped, the hearing was told. But despite this, the teenager was vilified on social media and sent 'toxic' and 'vile' messages from fellow pupils. His mother, Tracy Stevens, sobbed as she told the inquest how her son was 'frightened' of going to school as the situation was like a 'witch hunt'. She said: "The four weeks leading to his death with the messages he received ultimately led to his decision to take his own life." Max became 'sad and withdrawn' after the accusation was made following a sleepover in October 2020, the hearing was told, and in December he admitted to self-harming. His interactions with the girl in question "were recorded as crimes but it wasn't appropriate to take further action. (according to the police) "With regards to the allegations made towards Max, in some cases, even when the complainant does not want to take further action, the police will still take that action. "That was not the case here and we were aware of that context." Max was a 'proud member' of the LGBTQ+ Community and first went to a Pride march in Southampton in 2019." unquote. Feminists would say that Yes means maybe and no means no. But no also now means you get your life ruined through social media in 2022. Max's first mistake was not looking in the mirror and realizing that for all intense and purposes he would see an incel staring back at him. For women being asked out or making a sexual advance towards them from a male with lower sexual marketplace value makes them really upset because they see it as an attack on their social standing. Girls when I was growing up would politely tell you that they weren't interested. Today as you can see they will destroy your life and get the police involved in the UK if you tarnish their reputation. How long before a woman makes a false allegation that you asked to tough her boob or if she wanted to go out on a day unless you do her homework? Then she goes forward and calls the cops on you. This sounds like the plot of a woke back to the future film ten or twenty years from now when one day Robert Zemekis is dead and the rights have been sold. A female bully in high school might ruin your life just because you won't do her homework by claiming you asked to touch her bull dyke boobies. Maybe just just to get off on the power of the whole thing. I'll discuss more in a moment but let me first tell everyone about today's sponsor T Fitz:

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