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25 Year Old Woman Dumps Fiance For His 61 Year Old Dad - MGTOW

Published on 04/08/22 / In Red Pill

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Woman, 25, reveals she had an affair with her fiancé's father, 61

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Hi Everyone Sandman Here,

This video is brought to you by a more than generous donation from John. This is the third video I'll make with it. I wanted to cover a story called: "Woman, 25, reveals she had an affair with her fiancé's father, 61" Here's what the article has to say and I quote: "A young woman has revealed she had an affair with her fiance's 61-year-old father and they now have a five-month-old son together - but confessed her ex still won't speak to either of them. Mackenzie Yocum, 25, from Illinois, admitted she started admiring her married, soon-to-be father-in-law when her own relationship with her childhood sweetheart hit a rough patch. Walmart worker Mackenzie was grateful when her fiancé's father, Jeff Scholl, who was going through his own divorce, offered her a shoulder to cry on. The pair soon began a six-month affair, but Mackenzie confessed she regrets not being honest and open about her feelings for Jeff, 36 years her senior, to his wife and son, who she dated for six years and has decided not to name. Mackenzie and father-of-four Jeff, who are still together and share son Wyatt, say they were eventually caught out in 2018 but that this only secured their love for one another - despite some family members now refusing to speak to them. Both Jeff's son and one of his daughters, as well as his ex-wife, no longer have any sort of relationship with the couple, while Mackenzie's brother also cut her off. Retired farmer Jeff claims he no longer has a relationship with his eldest son and some of Mackenzie's family members have chosen to cut her off, but Mackenzie is speaking out to offer an apology to the people she hurt. Jeff said: 'It's really hurtful that I don't have a relationship with my son anymore. I hope one day it could be amendable. 'I do really regret how things have turned out. I feel like I never had a chance to explain myself because he never confronted me, he just cut me off, then we heard from another source that he knew about the relationship and now we live in different towns. 'I want him to know that I'm sorry but he wasn't happy with Mackenzie and he's happy in a new relationship now so everyone is happy.' Mackenzie added: 'He never actually confronted us about our relationship. He just ended his relationship with me and said he'd heard that I'd cheated but he didn't say who with." unquote. I don't know where to start with this one. It's another situation worthy of Jerry Springer and the legacy media the Daily Mail is publishing the story. I put the link in the description. It's another story that you wouldn't believe unless you saw photos. Mackenzie is a home wrecker. She wrecked the relationship she had with her ex fiance and his father as well as the guys mother and daughter. Her brother also disowned her. You know you've got some serious problems when even your own brother cuts you out of his life. I'll discuss more in a moment but let me first tell everyone about today's sponsor The Red Pill Ring:

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