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50 Year Old Woman Regrets Leaving Husband - MGTOW

Published on 04/29/22 / In Red Pill

⁣Sponsor Link: <br>Profit Specialist Group <br>video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5FV-morB_Ak <br>https://www.cashisking.cc/ <br> <br>50+ Year Old Woman Leaves Her Husband &amp; Instantly Regrets It <br>https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7KHyKoobe6I <br> <br>Mystery Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TjeAgO5j1pw <br> <br>Odysee.TV: https://odysee.com/@SandmanMGTOW:c <br>Bitchute Link: https://www.bitchute.com/channel/YIxeDBpkwsLT/ <br> <br>SubscribeStar.com: https://www.subscribestar.com/sandman <br> <br>Paypal / Email: Sandmanmgtow @ Gmail.com <br> <br> <br>Hi Everyone Sandman Here, <br> <br>This video is brought to you by a donation from Kanish and here's what he very briefly has to say: &quot;Hey Sandman, I love what you do. I was just wondering why don't we substitute the &quot;MGTOW&quot; lable for something else in order to dodge demonetisation?&quot; Well Kanish thanks for the donation. I could be like other channels like Alexander Grace, Better Bachelor or Taylor the Fiend and tell guys marriage is a bad idea without using the MGTOW acronym. But what's the point at this time. I told everyone that if they stopped using M G T O W in their titles eventually their audience wouldn't know how to identify their content and there wouldn't be as many new people coming into the community. In fact it's shrinking. I prefer going down with the MGTOW ship the way I started instead of trying to weasel or chameleon my way out of my principles and into a little bit of money. Sure there are great new channels like Taylor the Fiend that are red pilling and black pilling guys about female nature without identifying with any group. He teases MGTOW and black pill ideas and themes but just doesn't get controvercial and keeps his language clean and respectful. A video he put out recently is called: &quot;50+ Year Old Woman Leaves Her Husband &amp; Instantly Regrets It&quot; I've found if you use a woman's age and tell everyone about her suffering that it will bring people in that want to hear about her pain because when we date we get burned by women and some of us want to hear stories of payback that we can live vicariously through. So Taylor starts off with woman complaining and using their tiktok audiences as emotional tampons about how it's hard to date. The first one got divorced and is fifty and the general theme from her and other women is that physical encounters in the bedroom with men are the closest they have their feeling reciprocated. Newsflash cum thot women don't have the same feelings for men that we have for women. The men these women are sleeping with don't want to develop feelings for them. They just want pure lust encounters and to protect their hearts from commitment. Taylor says that many of the fifty year old women out there want to share the top cock and that they accept a situation that they don't want with a man they do want hoping it will change into something they do want. Taylor mentions that these women he highlights are analyzing men as if they have the same motivations as men. This of course shows either a complete the lack in intelligence on the part of such women. Or it shows that they are making videos to gain sympathy from men so that one of the good ones will rescue her because some guys will be gullible enough to believe that women love them the way they do. It's fun listening to fifty year old women complain about being ghosted and we know full well that they were probably ghosting men when they were younger. I'll discuss more in a moment but let me first tell everyone about today's sponsor Profit Specialist Group: <br> <br> <br> <br> <br> <br> <br>10 images licensed and paid for through BigStock.com. All image licenses are available upon request. <br> <br>Ad Photo Credits: <br> <br>1. https://www.bigstockphoto.com/....image-129764942/stoc <br> <br>2. https://www.bigstockphoto.com/....image-421296764/stoc <br> <br>3. https://www.bigstockphoto.com/....image-150989840/stoc

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