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7 DIRTY Secrets Women DON'T Want Men to Know! Ft. @ayyye jae

Published on 09/28/21 / In Red Pill

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?Time Stamps?
Intro 0:00
1:13 Announcements, social media/content plugs (like the video family!)
3:13 Ladies introduce themselves! ?
7:37 Superchats! ?
11:54 Never have I ever time family!
12:10 Never have I ever slept with 2 guys in one day.
20:24 Superchats!
22:20 Never have I ever smashed my homegirls man.
34:04 Superchats!
34:49 Never have I ever smashed a celebrity while in a relationship.
36:19 Kentucky
36:39 Never have I ever (continued) YG!?
42:02 Superchats!
43:14 Video Reaction! (Like the video family!)
46:30 AJ Shares her thoughts on the video.
47:21 Modest shares her thoughts on the video.?
48:48 AJs thoughts (continued)
50:00 Ladies thoughts (continued)
51:00 Myron starts to cook a lil on the truth about what men care about ?
57:25 Fresh cooks a lil bit on guys vs girls smashing in a relationship.
58:22 Chris cooks a lil bit on the same subject. ?
59:45 Myron asks AJ how does she operate in a relationship.
1:00:29 Superchats!
1:03:31 Superchats (continued)
1:04:21 Myron cooks on girls going out with their homegirls.
1:07:12 Superchats (continued)
1:18:50 Post reaction! What did you ACTUALLY do when you told your bf you were going to bed?
1:22:05 YO WTF!? alright shows over family (like the video)! ??‍♂️??‍♂️??‍♂️
1:22:40 Post Reaction (continued)
1:31:46 Superchats! ?(Like the video family!)
1:35:40 Superchats! (continued)
1:36:30 Ladies ask Fresh&Fit their questions
1:36:39 To worry about what his woman's doing, does a guy has too much time in his hands?
1:38:49 are the women you want to be serious with the opposite of the women you smash?
1:48:53 Superchats!
1:51:26 Do Fresh&Fit focus on their spiritual selves?
1:54:54 Ladies share their final thoughts! ???
1:56:33 Outro (like the video on your way out family!)

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