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AfterHours w/ 3 Girls & @Nino Brown

Published on 05/28/21 / In Red Pill

Nino Brown Links:
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYv1Uqdm06OtZczzpnrWi5g
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ninobrown305/
Website: https://www.mrproblemsolver.net/

Dani, and Guest links :

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Monday: Freshandfit Podcast @ 6:00 PM EST http://b.link/freshandfitpodcast
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Wednesday: Freshandfit Podcast @ 6:00 PM EST http://b.link/freshandfitpodcast
Thursday: Stream Clip @ 1:00 PM EST https://youtu.be/mxFUWreI7BA
Friday: Freshandfit Podcast @ 6:00 PM EST http://b.link/freshandfitpodcast
Saturday: Stream Clip @ 1:00 PM EST https://youtu.be/mxFUWreI7BA
Sunday: Freshandfit Clips @ 1:00 PM EST https://youtu.be/mxFUWreI7BA

# #Freshfit #freshandfit #freshfit #Freshnfit #freshnfit #FreshandfitPodcast #freshandfitpodcast

00:00-00:52 Announcements/Superchats
4:53 Myron recaps last night’s afterhours show
6:05 Guest introductions
7:36 Superchats
9:46 What is your end goal-relationship or marriage? (some CAPPING)
15:03 Nino give his opinion
16:50 Superchats/Myron shows some love to supporters
19:25 Why do so many women despise cheating, but will set up a “casual friendship” with a new man, before dumping her old man for the “new friend”?
21:56 Myron gives his opinion on male/female friendships
23:18 Nino give his opinion on male/female friendships
23:54 Girl asks why men can’t be friends with women-Myron breaks it down
26:24 Fresh weighs in on the topic
27:51 Girl disagrees with Myron (CAPPING goes up)
30:07 Nino breaks it down for her
31:07 Daniela talks about her experience with a previous relationship
32:08 Superchats
33:48 Myron mentions a DM he received from a married woman
35:52 Question for the fellas: WORST date ever? (Fresh tells a BP horror story)
40:00 What is the “RP”?
41:08 Nino talks about how often people are sleeping around/Myron briefly breaks down the sexual marketplace stats
42:48 Nino gives some advice on how to be marriage material
44:19 Superchats
45:34 Myron talks about his WORST date ever
49:28 Rude woman versus a soft man discussion
50:54 Twitch poll results
51:41 Video: Nino Brown talks about getting married
56:44 Ladies reaction to the video/Discussion on loyalty and patience from a man
1:02:56 Myron talks about the importance of a father being in the mate selection process
1:05:34 Nino talks about the importance of fatherhood
1:07:30 “Women don’t build-they want to move in”
1:08:38 Nino asks Dani if she would delete her IG for her man
1:10:09 Nino gives his thoughts on men sleeping with many girls/ “Spiritually transmitted diseases”
1:13:22 Fresh gives Dani his advice on her situation
1:14:26 Myron discusses how women versus men show love and view sex
1:16:52 Myron discusses cheating for men versus women/Nino weighs in
1:18:48 Woman having a one-night stand discussion
1:20:36 Female privilege and promiscuous women
1:25:44 Nino talks about the “dancing entertainment” profession (drops truth bombs)
1:31:07 Superchats/Twitch poll results
1:34:58 What do the guys rate themselves?
1:39:57 Fit/successful guy discussion; Nino talks about Myron
1:42:10 Women don’t take criticism well
1:43:06 Twitch update
1:43:51 She wouldn’t rate herself based on her appearance (Some CAPPING)
1:44:44 Superchats/Fresh’s foot
1:46:37 Video: Nino Brown-“Your Woman Should be a Partner And Not a Problem”
1:52:08 Last Thoughts/Video reactions
1:56:33 Ladies do a spin for the boys
1:57:45 Outro




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