Aggressive BIMBO Gets Out Of Pocket & Gets #FrankCastled On @FreshandFit

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Published on 18 Nov 2021 / In Red Pill

Episode #806 of TSR Live, Donovan Sharpe breaks down a video clip of an aggressive female contrarian and "exception to EVERY rule" last word king of girl insults Myron Gaines and gets kicked out of the Fresh & Fit Podcast. Plus Donovan discusses privacy in relationships and the obesity epidemic. Original video link: LIKE, SUBSCRIBE & HIT THE BELL! Join to watch Ad-FREE full length episode videos, access the Uncensored Live Stream & Private Chat on Sharpestream at

⏳Time Stamps⏳ by Kain's Legacy
DS - Donovan Sharpe
MG - Myron Gains
F&F - Fresh & Fit
RP - 'Crimson' pill
02:01 Intro and CV
07:02 Opening monologue Two traits women claim
09:42 DS lesson #1
14:54 DS lesson #2
16:21 Are you plan A or B? watch Ep 430
19:26 Super chats
22:37 F&F intro (Ms. Berkley & Darth Daria)
25:35 Womanese 'why you so insecure'
30:28 MG 'Have you cheated?' (faux regret/excuses)
34:15 DS Law #24
47:04 Linguistic disagreement between DS & MG
51:19 Market decides value
56:06 Fresh brings 'mathematics'
1:00:56 Proving MG's point (Law #24 again)
1:04:05 MG 'cheating for men is [different]'
1:08:59 Male Labido & Law #36 (Brandon)
1:19:54 MG Jab #1 (easy/hard mode)
1:24:32 Darth Daria's Delusion (Same as Kevin Ray Wilder's)
1:31:48 MG Jab #2 (Male/Female agency)
1:34:16 Brandon 'raise your hand if you want a man to depend on you'
1:38:51 MG combo #3 (unattractive man approaches)
1:42:46 DS 'Till I am blue in the face' (LAW #24)
1:52:12 RP Jab #1 (exceptions to the rule)
1:52:45 What female has the most bodies (Time Jump)
2:05:56 MG Jab #3 (One leader) (Time Jump)
2:11:08 DS LAW 24!
2:21:01 DS 'Feel, Felt, Found'
2:23:41 DS law 29
2:30:00 F&F play clip. Fitness/health discussion (Time Jump)
2:51:18 MG 'I am all for body shaming' (& bullying)
3:22:33 DS Checks Devon
3:30:01 DS 'lets start calling bitches what they really are'
3:31:34 Frank Castle
3:34:50 Epilogue

Tags: #donovansharpe #freshandfit #tsrlive
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