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Alpha Males NEVER Date Fat Women ?

Published on 02/04/22 / In Red Pill

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Hugo de Garis
Hugo de Garis 8 months ago

when were women ever great?
they have 10% smaller brains than men, they have won a pathetic 1% of science Nobel prizes, they are dumber than men on average by 4 IQ points, their IQ variance is 10% smaller than men's, they have ten times lower testosterone levels than men, they don't build anything, create anything, invent anything, they have always been parasites on men, they evolved to be prostitutes to men, better able to bribe men with sex to extract resources from men, women couldn't hunt, couldn't plough, couldn't fight, they were always considered useless to the tribe except for their two traditional monopolies of vagina and womb, but today with 40% of women obese, and 30% fat, two thirds of women are now unfuckable, so totally useless, we will soon have really effective sexbots and artwombs, so women will be totally ignored by men, women will be clawing at each other, in desperate competition with each other for men's dwindling attention. So when were women ever great?!!!!!!!!!!!

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