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BLUE CHIP MINDSET XVIII: Is It Time To Give Up On The American Dream Or Will This Be A Nightmare?

Published on 03/09/22 / In Red Pill

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Thanks for viewing my YouTube Channel. Today, we are talking about relationships.

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0:00 - Intro and “If You’re Broke Just Say That”
1:17 - Show Starts: Hit The??Button and The American Dream
3:38 - What Is A Blue Chipper?
9:00 - Superchats #1: 304s Are Literally In These Streets????
18:49 - What Is The American Dream???‍?‍?‍?
22:49 - The 2021 Debt Crisis Crushing The American Dream
24:06 - Worthless College Degrees
24:51 - Over Half Of Americans Have Less Than 3 Months Emergency Funds
25:31 - People Are Watching Rich People Living Lavish?️?️
25:46 - The Great Resignation and Gig Economy
27:18 - People Are Giving Up On The American Dream?
29:18 - Millions Have Become Millionaires During C-19 Pandemic
31:15 - 10 Richest Men Doubled Their Fortunes In The Pandemic
31:41 - World Gained 5.2M Millionaires & 500 People Became Billionaires During Pandemic
32:39 - Superchats #2: People’s Bad Decisions Are Their Own Worst Enemy
42:29 - CGA Reacts: Why I Gave Up On The American Dream - and you should too?
1:01:03 - Happiness Is Not What You Should Strive For.. You Have to Work??‍♂️
1:07:17 - Superchats #3: You Don’t Have The Option To Be Lazy & Don’t Work
1:19:12 - Happiness Is A Temporary Emotion.. Live Life For Satisfaction & Fulfillment
1:29:48 - Don’t Let People Stop & Hold You Down From Pursuing Your Dreams
1:35:41 - The Traps Of People Who Give Up On The American Dream?️
1:42:57 - Superchats #4: Conveniences In Big Cities Are Not Available In Small Towns
1:47:58 - The Purpose Of The Message Is To Improve Men’s Lives

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