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Charismatic Revolution's Alexander -- T21C 2010 [Full]

Published on 12/14/10 / In Red Pill

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Loosing his virginity at the age of 12, most would classify Alexander a "natural". However, this is not the case. Alexander also came into the Pick Up Community at an early age.

He was 16 when he wrote his first field report and 17 when he held his first bootcamp. Since then he's been broadcast on Swedish National TV, been seen in interviews in large newspapers, and instructed countless of students in a variety of different self-development courses.

Simultaneously, Alexander considers himself no longer a part of "the community". Instead he's searching for naturals, trying to discover what sets them apart from the, in lack of a better word, artificial pick up artists in order to see what can be learned.

Today he spends most of his night's hosting night clubs in Gothenburg Sweden, working on his theories, and putting them into practice.


Alexander has been working exclusively for Charismatic Revolution — Sweden's #1 resource for men's dating and lifestyle advice — since 2007 and will continue doing so.

Alexander is one of the founding supporters of The 21 Convention.

Visit Alexander at http://www.c-r.se/

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