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COBRA TATE — The King of Toxic Masculinity | Part 1 Interview in Poland

Published on 03/11/21 / In Red Pill

21 Studios needs your support to keep helping millions of men. Learn how at https://21studios.com/donate In this interview, Anthony Dream Johnson interviews the manosphere’s reigning king of toxic masculinity, Emory Andrew Tate III, aka “Cobra Tate”. You will learn how Andrew became a 4 time world kickboxing champion and a self-made millionaire.

Follow Cobra Tate at https://www.youtube.com/c/TateSpeech

In this video, you will also learn:

- Why you need to radically change your mindset about women and power
- How to attract beautiful women into your life whilst remaining non-exclusive
- The secrets to living the extreme alpha male life

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