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Cuckiforniastan: A Sanctuary State for Child Mutilation | Grunt Speak

Terrence Popp
Published on 09/06/22 / In Red Pill

⁣Gavin Newsom is a piece of shit. Full stop. Now he wants a state with nearly $2 Trillion in debt to pay for out of state abortions and gender reassignment surgeries for kids. <br>#CrazyDrunkUncles #LGBdroptheT #Cuckiforniastan <br> <br>If you want to keep seeing this content, be sure to sign up for memberships on these sites! <br>Members get exclusive livestreams with Popp! <br>Go to http://www.Redonkulas.com/donate <br>You’ll find links to our SubscribeStar, Locals, and GiveSendBro! <br>Get merchandise here! https://merch.streamelements.com/redonkulaspopp <br>Or here! https://crypto.fashion/redonkulas <br> <br>Administrative Violence: Divorce and Custody Edition is here for a limited time! <br>Downloadable Version: https://buy.stripe.com/7sI4gM8Mw57v4HC3ci <br>Physical Copy: https://buy.stripe.com/fZe4gMd2M43rca46ot <br> <br>Featuring music by TeknoAXE’s Royalty Free Music <br>http://www.teknoaxe.com/ <br> <br>Send physical donations to: <br>Redonkulas.com Productions <br>29488 Woodward Avenue, Unit 407 <br>Royal Oak, MI 48072 <br>If you write a check, make it out to Second Class Citizen, 501c3 <br>All donations are tax deductible <br> <br>For a complete list of all channels where you can find Redonkulas content, go to: <br>https://www.Redonkulas.com/channels <br> <br>And be sure to tune in for Grunt Speak Live <br>Tuesdays and Thursdays at 8pm Eastern <br>And <br>Supporter Sunday streams for Locals, GiveSendBro, and SubscribeStar members only! <br> <br>Sources <br>Transformer Sanctuary Bill <br>https://notthebee.com/article/....california-just-pass <br> <br>Cuckiforniastan Debt <br>https://californiapolicycenter.....org/california-stat <br> <br>Wealth Tax <br>https://californiaglobe.com/ar....ticles/california-de <br> <br>Newsom Wants to Pay for Abortions <br>https://www.msn.com/en-us/news..../politics/gov-newsom <br> <br>Mass Exodus from Cuckiforniastan <br>https://americanfaith.com/map-....shows-massive-exodus <br> <br>BUTT CBS Says That’s a Conspiracy Theory <br>https://www.cbsnews.com/sacram....ento/news/california

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