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Does The Left Hate Straight Caucasian Males? - MGTOW

Published on 02/24/22 / In Red Pill

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Hi Everyone Sandman Here,

This video is brought to you by a donation from Bob also known as Dr. B Real and he's the author of the two volume book series called Surviving Fourth Wave Feminism. This is my review of Chapter 3 of his second book and this one is called "Voices of the Loudest, Not the Majority" He starts it off discussing how in Australia the majority of the news media is left leaning and glorifies the opinion of those who marginalize men especially if they are attacking heterosexual white males. Bob has brought this up in previous chapters and I strayed away from it because this is the sort of content that can get me a channel strike. I see the racism from the left. Recently Trudeau in Canada said that people were racists and misogynists if they didn't their vaxxed. The data shows that blacks and Hispanics are less likely to get it when compared to whites and Asians in the USA. I assume the same in Canada. Based on Trudeau's logic that means that mostly black and Latin men in America are racist. By his own logic that would make him homophobic but he's not the racist one even though he was photographed wearing blackface on three occasions. So why does the left attack white straight males calling them homophobes, patriarchal misogynists and racitsts? Their ideology is that white males, particularly the straight ones that are inherently bad. He says they say and I quote "You are sexist. You are a white supremacist". That's almost exactly what Trudeau said about the unvaxxed. So why the attacks and shaming language. Shaming straight white males for being that way is all about destroying their self confidence. Plus if white males were the only ones that voted almost all of America except for Washington State and perhaps Oregon would be Republican states. I've said before that the left versus right debate is really going to escalate into a male versus female thing in the future. Why Caucasian males? Because they are the ones standing in the way of the leftist feminist communist utopia so they have have to be punished for it. I'll discuss more in just a moment but let me first tell everyone about today's sponsor The MGTOW book Collection Part 2: Anyways, now back to the west hating the Caucasian males that built it in the first place clown world show. Bob brings up that in 2017 the term it's OK to be white was found floating around on an American Campus and the media went crazy because of it. The media went off the deep end and said that while black lives matter is a perfectly fine thing to say all lives matter was somehow racist. I think the left is desperate to take total power and they are impatient to bring about their rainbow utopia in a country that is still majority white. They know that if minority birthrates collapse alongside the white ones and more people start leaving the United States or at least the leftist states than their dream will be over. For me this irrational racism is a sign of desperation and not strength. Bob says that in 2018 the left in Australia tabled a bill in the senate to ban Australian's right to say "It's okay to be white". I didn't know that and it's just another example of how in the west maniacs are trying to introduce compelled speech laws for phrases or words they don't like. He says that western values are all about tolerance. But I guess that's not the case for those that created those western values in the first place. Bob says that the purpose of 4th wave feminism is to a create a social divide between Caucasian and in some cases Asian males and the rest of society. To demonize them and create hate. How is this any different than what the Germans in the 1930s that believed in that backwards Buddhist symbol did to the Jews? Bob says that this demonetization is being used by higher powers to demoralize and destabilize powerful nations by distorting reality. The idea is to abuse men while milking them for their benefits.

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