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Emma Watson Hits The Wall - MGTOW

Published on 03/24/22 / In Red Pill

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Hi Everyone Sandman Here,

This video is brought to you by a donation from James. He didn't give me a specific topic so what I wanted to cover is the recent case of Emma Watson hitting the wall. I'm terrible with names but I'm great with faces. At first it didn't click that she was the same woman that was in Harry Potter. I thought someone had shared a picture of Emma Thompson and I thought what's the big deal. I never realized that Emma Watson had aged off a cliff and had become unrecognizable. What did she do volunteer to be a crash test dummy fly through the windshield and into the wall. So what happened to her. Some people are saying it's meth face. Others are just saying she's gotten old. But she's 31 and looks like she's in her forties. I think it might be a plastic surgery disaster, too much tanning, stress and maybe drugs. Of course it is possible that this is what happens to your face when your a feminist. Maybe JK Rowling casting a spell on her for trying to cancel her? Who knows. Maybe he's transitioning like Ellen Page? Emma has crows feet around eyes, flat hair that looks like she just got out of the shower. Horribly thick wrinkles around her lips. A gaunt face. I think it's safe to say she lost a little too much weight and her vitality with it. At first people were like no way that's her that has to be photo shopped. So I decided to look at other pictures of her from the same event and you be the judge. Sure that one photo is pretty bad but the rest are still awful and unless she told people who she was most wouldn't know. What I do know is she looks like she lost weight and she's got a dried up face. I think she can fix that by eating something and getting her old face back. Otherwise it's her career that's about to get cancelled like Jennifer Grey from Ferris Bueller after she got her nose job and became unrecognizable. Or Rene Zellweger. She got work around her eyes and it made her unrecognizable. Maybe that's what happened to Emma. She looks like she's got a lot of darkness under her eyes. I thought what if I could fix her up a bit using Faceapp. Sure the hair gets better and the makeup brings her down in age to somewhere around 35-40 but it's still pretty bad because I don't know who she is at first glance. I think it's also skin damage from tanning. Maybe she went too far in the tanning bed unlke Mike Myers who has that Albino Austin Powers look. He would walk around with umbrellas outside and got ghoul face because he was paranoid and didn't want to damage his skin. I'd love to see Donald Trump standing next to Myers. It would look like a carrot standing next to a white piece of paper. Jordan Peterson aged rapidly recently and I think tanning had a lot to do with it. I'll discuss more about the disaster that is Emma Watson's face and soon to be career in a second but let me first tell everyone about today's sponsor The MGTOW Book Collection Part 2:

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