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Fake Rape Culture - MGTOW

Published on 12/23/21 / In Red Pill

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Surviving Fourth Wave Feminism: The War on the West

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Hi Everyone Sandman Here,

This video is brought to you by a donation from Dr. B Real the author of the two volume book series Surviving 4th Wave Feminism. This is 9th and final chapter in the first volume of his book. The chapter has the same name as the title of this video. A struggle snuggle is a terrible thing and the person doing it regardless of their gender or background should be held fully accountable for it. Many of you will agree that this a touchy subject. No pun intended. So what does Bob also known as Dr. B Real say? That fourth wave feminism is trying to promote the idea of rape culture. One allegation of sexual misconduct and a man can have his family, career and freedom taken away from him. Usually the woman accusing him doesn't receive any punishment which creates moral hazard. Laws are being promoted that would allow a simple accusation to be convict a man without a trial. We are entering Salem witch trial levels of tom foolery. Normally it's the unattractive women that look like witches complaining about being touched when only a few minutes at a slut walk would show you that most don't get touched. Going to a slut walk you might confuse it with Halloween. Maybe it's sexually frustrated and unwanted women trying to promote rape culture to finally get some attention? Negative attention but still something. I would wager that we are far away from a struggle snuggle culture in the west as possible. Bob also says that the more frequently false accusations are made it means that legitimate victims are less likely to be heard and helped. Bob shares one story from a woman who was embarrassed at having her sexual advances turned down so she lashed out at the guy by claiming he raped her. That reminds me of the types of behavior of women at slut walk. Bob says that false accusations are now simply tools by women used against men. Look no further than the Brett Kavanaugh case where it was used as a potential tool for political or judicial power. Ford the woman accusing him lied and nothing happened to her of course. You can get a copy of Bob's book in the description. As for today's sponsor it's The MGTOW's Guide to Retiring on 200k in Southeast Asia: Anyways now back to the women so ugly that no man will ever force himself onto them clown world show. If Brett Kavanaugh had been taken down and not allowed to become a supreme court judge then false accusation culture instead of rape culture would have spread rapidly into every part of American culture. Luckily women are being punished in some cases. Bob talks about a lesbian fantasist named Jemma Beale that was guilty of perjury and perverting the course of justice because she falsely accused of 15 men of mounting her rascal sized frame so she could get attention from her girlfriend. To boost her sexual marketplace value in the eyes of another woman. She went to prison for two years and nine months costing the state a ton of money. Not to mention the quarter million pounds for 6400 police hours and court hours. Somewhere out there there are real female victims and it's too bad Jemma ate their justice up. I made mention that it's usually the unattractive women that make false allegations and Bob went all out for this chapter and includes pictures of some of the homeliest looking women imaginable. They all promote the idea that all female victims need to be believed. Someone who's a genuine victim doesn't promote the idea that men are guilty by a land whales decree. Such language is there not to help women but to hurt men. Bob says that every single rule is being flipped over on it's head by 4th wave feminists. Like if a woman is intoxicated while sleeping with you then she can accuse you of struggle snuggle even though it was the peach schnapps fault. Even if she's sober but regrets it then regret becomes rape. Not only that but these rules are retro active and can go back many decades.

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