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@FreshandFit Exposed? Debunking ALL false rumors w/ the TRUTH (Recorded phone calls, texts, video)

Published on 08/24/21 / In Red Pill

We will be address EVERYTHING. Please LIKE the video!
⏳Time Stamps⏳
Intro 0:00-1:00 Fresh&Fit thanks the supporters first and foremost. ? (Like the video family!)
6:00 Info on Myron's previous job.
7:36 Was the door locked, in the break in situation?
10:22 Does Fresh&Fit have animosity towards Kevin Samuels, or the roommates have they bad mouthed them?
14:11 If this is an "I as well" situation, is the team ready to expose it?
16:00 Did getting to big too quick go to Fresh&Fit's head?
18:00 Why did Fresh&Fit react the way they did with the YouTube beef?
19:07 Shout-out to all the content creators who reached out to Fresh&Fit!
19:53 Fresh addresses the gun buying situation.
22:12 (Video) Fresh had an outing at the gun range quite a while ago.
24:30 Video of Fresh&Fit on Timcast talking about owning fireman's. Fresh& Firearms ain't nothin new)
26:15 Story of Aiendi and Fresh&Fit and did a&p disavow Aiendi or not? Little info on them and larj
41:30 Has Fresh&Fit learned anything from these different situations?
42:55 If she catches you cheating
43:09 Fresh&Fit show the receipts on the break in situation.
45:17 Does Myron have high blood pressure?
46:38 Did Myron have unprotected sex with Ms cheeks and what do they think about Oshay Duke Jackson chiming in on their situation?
49:33 Does Myron believe in Islam or has he renounced it?
51:20 Let's talk about the Anna Quinn fitness controversy!
1:38:27 Video that Anna Quinn posted today (8/23/21) (Like the video family!)
1:56:00 Let's Discuss the Nina Unrated controversy!
2:18:20 Fresh&Fit thanks (YOU!) For listening to their side of these stories,the receipts, and sticking by them!
2:19:46 Superchats!
2:23:22 Fresh&Fit (apologized to Aba and preach video replay) We wish you guys the best. ?
2:28:00 Superchats (continued)
2:33:20 When did Fresh&Fit actually start talking about Sugar sites? Let's go back in time ⏳
2:37:50 Superchats!
2:39:48 Fresh and Fit address the Larj video for you guys. (Like the video family!)
2:57:05 Myron (PAID) larj studios, Larj, and Ayendi! He has the receipts guys!
2:58:48 Fresh&Fit thanks (YOU) for supporting them and/or hearing them out. ?
2:59:48 Superchats!
3:29:44 Myron expands/comes clean on his past and who he is.(Much Respect ?)
3:34:30 Superchats!
3:42:18 Compromising photos of Myron? (Here's the truth!)
3:46:30 Superchats! (continued)
3:50:41 Superchats! (Continued)
3:55:16 Receipts and info on the situation between Ms. Cheeks and Myron (the info y'all didn't know)
4:03:18 Myron has a previous guest with those receipts. (Always have receipts, teachable moment family)
4:04:44 Info you didn't know on the Ms. Cheeks and Myron situation (continued)
4:14:20 Ms. cheeks sent Myron texts during this love stream. (Important moment) guys, like the damn video...
4:17:15 Superchats!
4:18:55 Addressing the people questions about Fresh&Fit and Kevin Samuels
4:21:50 Superchats! (Continued) and recipes with reaching out to Kevin Samuels.
4:28:00 Fresh & Fit's Final comments on tonight's show.
4:41:00 Receipts on Fresh&Fit reaching out to Aba after making the hit piece.
4:42:30 Superchats! (Continued)
4:44:38 Fresh&Fit thanks (YOU!) for supporting them/hearing them out.
4:35:50 Superchats! (Continued)
4:46:40 Fresh's says if if all goes well, Tory Lanez
4:47:19 Fresh&Fit gives a big thank you to the mods for all the help!
4:48:27 Receipts on what Anna Quinn had to say about her baby daddy.
4:49:28 Superchats! (Continued)
4:50:08 Fresh&Fit's Final comments on tonight's episode (continued)
4:53:33 Outro (like the video family!

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