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Hardest Point In Your MGTOW Journey

Published on 07/09/18 / In Red Pill

Hardest Point In Your MGTOW Journey

Hardest Point in your MGTOW journey

MGTOW Mystery Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EpJUeDT82Zs

Hi Everyone Sandman Here,

This video is brought to you by a donation from Krystian and here's what he briefly has to say: "Hello sandman, I hope you're having as great a day as I am? I recently reconnected with one of my school friends and found we along with another are MGTOW. Back during those school days I was a simp and I'm happy things have worked out this way now." Well Krystian thanks for the donation and sharing your story. You didn't give me a topic so I thought I'd discuss a topic that popped out and go my attention on Reddit. The link to that reddit post is in the description. Before I discuss what others on Reddit have to say about their hardest MGTOW moments I want to share some of my own. I can't say that each one is harder than the next. Each one influenced me differently, emotionally and the first one was the red pill rage, which is also a phrase that I coined. My red pill rage didn't sink in until a few women that I wanted ended up friend zoning me. I thought I could take red pill knowledge and use it to my advantage and when those women tried using me as an emotional tampon that's when female nature fully sunk in and I decided to stop dating and decided to make my video "Women are Incapable of love." It was hard because I was really really mad but it was also easy because I channeled all of my rage into my YouTube channel. The next difficult low point in my red pill journey happend when the red pill
rage started wearing off at the end of 2014 and I felt the urge to start dating again. I started feeling needy in a terrible way and my subconscious mind was forcing me to date again. This was difficult because I thought I was in control of myself and it felt like it was someone else signing up for Tinder and contacting the women on there. Ironically it was Dean Esmay all of all people that warned me that many men learn about female nature and then they go through the rage and six to twelve months later they are back to dating. They just can't help themselves. So that's what I did and while I enjoyed it I was in anguish at the same time. Eventually when those two relationships ended I was angrier than ever before when it comes to a breakup. I coined that the second red pill rage phase. After that you go monk mode because you don't want to date regardless of how good it feels because you don't want to feel angry like that again. I would say the third hard point about going my own way was just that, the anger I felt after those relationships. The fourth and final hard thing I dealt with was all the MGTOW guys here pointing out my simping ways while I was in those relationships. Being with those women threaten to destroy the quality of my content and make me irrelevant. I could see my mind deteriorate the longer I was in those relationships because I began making videos where I was white knighting and some where I wasn't looking at things rationally at all. It felt the invasion of the body snatchers or it felt like something was rewiring my brain.

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