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How To Take Women's Child Support Money Away - MGTOW

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Published on 27 Nov 2021 / In Red Pill

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Hi Everyone Sandman Here,

This video is brought to you by a donation from Scott and here's what he has to say: "Hi Sandman, 4 and a half years ago, I arranged with my employer to make myself redundant the day after the end of the financial year. I got a 50k pay out that was not taxable on the last day of the year and as a result could not used for child support. As it was payed on the last day of the financial year it could not be considered as income for the following year. On the first day of the next financial year, I called Child Support Australia and told them I was recently made unemployed and my income assessment for the next 12 months was 0. I told them i had a break down due to the divorce and could not see myself working for a year. They reduced my child support from $2250 a month down to $35 a month. I then lived off my payout for 12 months and did not work during that period and at the end of the year submitted a tax return showing my income for the whole year was $0. But the first day of the following financial year I got a job. I had three job offers to choose from. For 3 and a half years while working I did not submit a tax return and the only information child support had to base their income assessment on was my last tax return which was $0. So I continued to pay $35 a month despite earning over 200k a year. After 3 and a half years the Australian Tax Office sent threatening letters stating if I did not submit my tax return they were going to prosecute me. I submitted my tax returns, I did not owe anything on my tax and child support can only consider my income for the last 18 months which as a result I now have a 35k bill for child support arrears. However I saved over 75k in child support and also knowing i was paying my ex $420 in total a year, for 2 years, that my ex had a mortgage, body corporate fee's and all her plans of living off child support did not turn out as she had planned. Undoubtedly she has huge credit card debts by now and the 35k she will receive will quickly disappear. She will also be told by child support my income over the last 3 1/2 years was close to 700k and will know she only received 1/3 of what she should have got. During the 3 and a half years. I lived in a caravan and was able to save enough money to buy a 2 bedroom apartment with cash. I now consider the bathroom as the room that was payed for through savings I made on child support which makes taking a shit so much sweeter." Unquote. Well Scott thanks for donation. I would recommend every divorced guy do this only so long as it's not going to make his children suffer. Also odds are she will tell the kid or kids one day that you only paid her 1/3 of the child support that she was owed. She will use and all means to make life difficult for you in the future. Maybe she's already turned them against you. If she hasn't then you not paying child support will certainly motivate her to do so. I'll discuss more in just a moment but let me first tell everyone about today's sponsor Suriviving 4th Wave Feminism:

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