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Inflation Will Wipe Out 50% of Population, It’s the End of America Warns Robert Kiyosaki

Published on 04/09/22 / In Red Pill

"America has stopped producing products, we produce bubbles," says best-selling author of "Rich Dad, Poor Dad," Robert Kiyosaki. He warns inflation levels correlate to a serious problem only getting worse, adding that, "the repo market has inverted again," and a recession is imminent. Kiyosaki asserts that Solana is in the very beginning stages and has a "long-shot" chance to thrive amongst top cryptos and compares it to a can of tuna. He concludes that totalitarian control of the West is upon us, and the reason he wrote "The Capitalist Manifesto," is so Americans can fight back with information and education, not weapons.

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01:58 What will cause the dollar to explode?
05:06 Why does Kiyosaki like Solana?
07:10 How will regulations play out in the future for crypto?
08:34 What does an inverted repo market mean for investors?
10:29 What does a revolution look like?
12:29 What does Kiyosaki make of the situation in Ukraine?
13:35 Factors that lead to a revolution
15:37 What do geopolitical shifts look like?
16:47 Will there be a change for the next U.S. election?
17:21 Will Trump run again?

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