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Instagram Thot Tries Seed-Jacking Millionaire and Instantly Regrets It | Grunt Speak Shorts

Terrence Popp
Published on 01/24/22 / In Red Pill

Drake slept with an Instagram model and she tried to force him into baby jail. Too bad for her, Drake loves his hot sauce.
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#gruntspeaklive #shorts #drakehotsauce

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Hugo de Garis
Hugo de Garis 1 year ago

This is another reason why masculists want the legislation of the Parer (paternity rejection right). Women have the Marer. Women have the legislated right to reject an unwanted pregnancy, but men don't, which is the greatest form of sexual discrimination that exists, and its not against women, but against men. Millions of women lie to their male sexual partner that they are taking the pill, but aren't, get pregnant, then BY LAW, force him to pay for a kid he doesn't want, thus manslaving him for decades, a major gender crime in the eyes of the masculists. When millions of men are masculisted, these kinds of female gender crimes will be criminalized and prosecuted, and with a vengeance.

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