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Is It Over For Brittany Renner? @Kevin Samuels Sits Down With Controversial Baby Mama

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Published on 22 Nov 2021 / In Red Pill

LIKE, SUBSCRIBE & HIT THE BELL! The Brittany Renner who presents herself to Kevin Samuels is much different from the PJ Washington baby mama who divorced him after she played him. Is she a gold digger? Is it over for her? Donovan Sharpe discusses and takes calls. Join to watch Ad-FREE full length episode videos, access the Uncensored Live Stream & Private Chat on Sharpestream at https://sharpestream.com/join or at Donovan Sharpe's Patreon https://patreon.com/donovansharpe
Original Video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yxuYzUqqo04&t=0s

⏳Time Stamps⏳ by Kain's Legacy
DS - Donovan Sharpe
KS - Kevin Samuels
BR - Brittany Renner

02:30 Intro/CV
08:07 Opening Monologue 'Subtle signs that a partner...'
31:24 Main event
33:47 BR Dating history
38:00 BR Itemizes public perception about her
41:33 KS responds and BR defends herself
48:51 BR wrote a tell all book
50:02 DS Law 26
53:09 DS 'BR shoots her shot with KS' #1
1:00:27 PJ Washington Tweet 'Stop the cap' 
1:04:55 KS on DS Ep 141
1:10:55 Rollo 'Epiphany phase'
1:15:16 Poll: BR drink of choice
1:19:47 BR 'My biggest goal...'
1:22:14 BR shot #2
1:31:10 BR tweet clip & CTHRIM
1:34:02 poll results
1:36:42 DS 'Good looking women are useless because they never had to be useful'
1:48:41 BR dodging accountability and shot #3
1:52:01 Opening up phonelines (Is it over for BR?)
1:57:32 Caller #1 Eddie in Florida (Over for BR)
1:59:16 Caller #2 Donnie in Maryland (Over for BR)
2:01:20 Caller #3 Big Daddy in Canada (Absolutely)
2:03:04 Caller #4 James in Nashville (Over for BR)
2:09:38 Caller #5 Ben un Dallas (Devils Advocate)
2:18:31 Caller #6 Evan in LA (don't think so)
2:21:36 Caller #7 Julian in Atlanta (Hell no)
2:23:20 Caller #8 Kyle in Georgia (It's over)
2:26:57 Caller #9 Fernando in Long Beach (I think it is)
2:28:41 Caller #10 Amani LA (Yes and no) 3 thing to do for BR
2:37:59 Caller #11 Mark in Miami (Yes and no)
2:44:28 Last Caller Eric from New England (It's been over)
2:50:58 Epilogue

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