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@Kevin Samuels Deals With Nurse Who Claims She "Doesn't Want A High Value Man"

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Published on 22 Nov 2021 / In Red Pill

Man wonders if he should breakup with his fiancee after finding out she was an escort. Then Kevin Samuels has to handle a nurse on his show who proclaims that she doesn't WANT a High value man. Original video: https://youtu.be/PaEsHGREPTE LIKE, SUBSCRIBE & HIT THE BELL! Join to watch Ad-FREE full length episode videos, access the Uncensored Live Stream & Private Chat on Sharpestream at https://sharpestream.com/join or at Donovan Sharpe's Patreon https://patreon.com/donovansharpe

⏳Time Stamps⏳ by Kain's Legacy
KS = Kevin Samuels
DS = Donovan Sharpe
03:57 Friday Advice (3 things)
05:50 KS & DS in lock step
06:41 Opening monologue/Reddit post breakdown
36:50 KS's Opening monologue breakdown
46:45 KS 'Ruthless'/ DS 'Explains Ruthless'
50:20 (KS) R.E.A.L acronym & Devon Implant story/investment
57:15 (KS) B.A.G acronym, DS personal examples
1:04:50 57 year old, oxymoronic, OG feminist, w/dyed hair (Mildred)
1:11:16 KS 'do you have any children'/ DS they were raise backwards
1:13:20 Female PTSDD (Severe)
1:20:41 KS Mathematical breakdown
1:27:50 KS mothers dominate or peace with daughter
1:31:31 KS Second call (What kind of boundaries/Muslim?)
1:52:16 DS Acronym hunt
2:00:29 KS third call (35 year old, Single mother of 2 & Nurse)
2:07:38 KS Second form combo (Significant bills?)
2:09:59 Acronym winner 'Women on top' [SlamRight] (Fuax Golden eye Bond villan)
2:24:03 KS Second form combo
2:27:48 KS First form combo (Height, weight & Dress size)
2:39:21 Announcement/Epilouge

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