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@Kevin Samuels vs 3 Ladies (Fresh&Fit Afterhours)

Published on 03/04/21 / In Red Pill

On today's episode of Fresh&Fit After hours we had a special episode w/ @Kevin Samuels, @Donovan Sharpe, @Rollo Tomassi , and @AaronClarey v 3 Ladies.

Catch the Fresh&Fit Podcast every Mon, Wed, and Fri @ 6:00p EST.

# #Freshfit #freshandfit #freshfit #Freshnfit #freshnfit #FreshandfitPodcast #freshandfitpodcast
Intro, announcements, Fresh&Fit moderating the podcast: 0:00-2:05
Ladies show the goods 2:23
What the ladies rate themselves out of 10? 2:49
Looks money or status? 5:21
Giannina's story about lying on age 7:30
What the ladies bring to the table& discussion on young and dumb women 13:20

Why do men pay for OnlyFans? (@Rollo Tomassi surgical breakdown) 19:12
@AaronClarey breaks down esc*rts in Las Vegas and men paying for the "dating a female experience" 24:12
Can men and women be platonic friends? 30:44

@Rollo Tomassi breaks down guys that are "girlfriends" 32:53
Myron tells the ladies who @Donovan Sharpe , @AaronClarey , and @Rollo Tomassi are 42:23
Equal partnerships in male & female relations, the myth of the alpha female who leads the relationship? 45:30
Why would a high value man pick one of the ladies? 55:35
Giannina shows the CANNON (booty) 56:29
Do the men you want actually want you back? 57:47

@Rollo Tomassi breaks down what bringing to the table means 59:30
@Donovan Sharpe deciphers Womanese for the ladies 1:15:50
Amanda challenges "I have been single for 3 years" 1:16:13
Adriana discusses serial dating 1:21:40
Is it difficult for a woman to find a man at 31 YOA? 1:23:18
Discussion on age for women 1:26:44

@AaronClarey brings up discussion on obese women 1:30:20
@AaronClarey asks the ladies questions on Do they want to get married? Where marriage falls on their priority list? Why are they not married now? 1:32:39
The struggle of dating for women and inadequate men 1:41:00

@Donovan Sharpe holds men accountable for not being better and discussion on marriage 1:49:06
@Rollo Tomassi breaks down marriage statistics 1:50:35
Amanda explains why $100k+ annual earning women are not married 1:52:10
@Rollo Tomassi explains females needing to trust a man with their life to submit 1:54:48
@Rollo Tomassi discusses equality, "submission", female security, what men want 1:57:00
@FreshandFit (Myron) clarifies that men and women show commitment to each other differently and women must understand that if you deal with top tier men, you will have to share him 1:59:40
@AaronClarey explains how powerful men have always had a lot of women 2:01:40
@FreshandFit (Myron) explains the reality of dealing with top tier men. Myron explains that men must become 2:05:00
@AaronClarey and the ladies discuss female dating standards
@Rollo Tomassi breaks down what women really want& infidelity & parading women around 2:08:20

WHO HURT MYRON? 2:14:34 (Myron's belief system comes from an Islamic background where men can be polygamous, but women cannot)
@Rollo Tomassi gives great advice to the ladies and more truths 2:16:50
@FreshandFit (Myron) breaks down male height, income, statistics and more discussion 2:20:32
@Rollo Tomassi surgically breaks down are men and women different? "WHO HURT YOU" and "YOU'RE DAMAGED". 2:29:00

ENTER @Kevin Samuels: 2:34:10
2:34:50- Why is fairness is important to the ladies, double standard of benefits, the lie of equality, do men need women, (WATCH ALL OF THIS)


Kevin Samuels: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLjodVTY_kZzd3cQ7D82DhA
Donovan Sharpe: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCc7-Rr-wSO530znK2ny05JQ
Rollo Tomassi: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8eLDzfH6YfZRDbDuMsNWiA
Aaron Clarey: https://www.youtube.com/user/AaronClarey

Ladies' IG:
Amanda: @oHeyItsAk
Giannina: @Geemiami33
Adriana: @aboutadriiii


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