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@Lizzo Music & @Dc Young Fly Reaction w/6 Girls

Published on 07/16/21 / In Red Pill

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?Time Stamps?
00:00 Intro, Announcements, Plugs
06:29 Respect to Kevin Samuels
08:03 Introducing the Ladies
08:30 Return of Kat
11:42 Super Chats
18:50 Why did a guy ghost you?
23:43 Rephrase why they were ghosted after intimacy
33:01 Eating booty?
36:17 Super Chats
40:13 How much should a man earn
47:52 The consequences of high standards
51:00 Past relationships and putting oneself first
52:48 Hard truth about looks
56:03 Fairytales on unconditional love
1:01:36 The fallacy of unconditional love
1:04:10 The contradictions of fairytales
1:05:24 Super Chats
1:07:26 First post on equal financial relationships
1:09:01 Reaction to the post
1:11:53 Lady reveals the “traditional” game
1:15:24 Men and Women wanting from responsibilities
1:17:28 The price of female liberation
1:18:32 Super Chats
1:19:57 Reaction to the video continued
1:21:42 Like The Video!
1:28:48 2nd video on ghosting women
1:30:34 Reaction to the video
1:30:52 Not paying for strippers
1:36:09 Super Chats
1:38:06 Reaction continued
1:40:48 Fresh’s reaction to the video
1:42:50 Women ghosting men
1:45:00 The delusion of women ghosting
1:50:45 The ladies reveal the delusion
1:51:35 Super Chats
1:53:25 Do men want value from the ladies
1:54:33 3rd video on women controlling men
1:56:03 Reaction to the video
2:00:30 The ladies opinion on controlling men
2:04:49 Myron on men IN control
2:08:07 Men and women’s standards
2:09:37 Promiscuous men are valuable
2:13:35 Super Chats
2:14:42 Sponsor Manscape!
2:16:56 Super Chats
2:19:15 Ladies get to ask questions
2:20:10 Why its important to marry a virgin
2:24:18 Women will share men
2:30:24 What is a 1% women, and market decides
2:33:01 Double standards of men and women going out
2:36:55 Men monogamous by necessity
2:39:40 Super Chats
2:42:15 Men and women, how they love
2:45:19 Why should men and women settle in their prime?
2:47:25 Final Thoughts
2:50:40 Super Chats
2:52:14 Show Wrap Up

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