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Marriage Is Slavery For Men - MGTOW

Published on 11/11/22 / In Red Pill

⁣Sponsor Link: <br>Profit Specialist Group <br>video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5FV-morB_Ak <br>https://www.cashisking.cc/ <br> <br>Mystery Link: https://www.youtube.com/shorts/LY1eQauNEXc <br> <br>Odysee.TV: https://odysee.com/@SandmanMGTOW:c <br>Bitchute Link: https://www.bitchute.com/channel/YIxeDBpkwsLT/ <br> <br>SubscribeStar.com: https://www.subscribestar.com/sandman <br> <br>Paypal / Email: Sandmanmgtow @ Gmail.com <br> <br>Bitcoin Address: bc1qtkeru8ygglfq36eu544hxw6n9hsh22l7fkf8uv <br> <br> <br>Hi Everyone Sandman Here, <br> <br>This video is brought to you by a donation from James. He didn't give me a topic with his donation so I wanted to cover a story shared by someone named Macavity on the going your own way dot com forum called &quot;Becoming Husband = Turning Into A House&quot; and here's what he says: &quot;I visited an old friend recently. We grew up next to each, the same age and we grew up nearly the same. Except he got married and I did not. Him and his wife bought a grand house. Any conversation I have with him revolves around the house or house maintenance. How long should the blades of grass be? Should the dirt be moved this way or that way? Look at this great deal he got on his windows. I do not own a house. I have been very mobile lately with going to different states and all for changing jobs. I have nothing against owning a house. I simply do not want the house to own me. Over the weekend I went on a little adventure and then dedicated more time to asset generation. What did he do? He cut the grass. But he cut it in a different way to experiment with the length. The wife comes out, barefoot, walks around the grass, and makes critiques of the grass length. &quot;It needs to be a centimeter shorter,&quot; she declares. I try to divert the conversation to something else like the upcoming economic collapse, new technologies, anything, but the conversation returns to the glory of this house and what he is doing to maintain it. What is a man? Apparently, he is a house. To become a husband is to become a house. The first thing the married couple does is buy one, and then the man will serve a lifelong sentence in maintaining it. For her pleasure. Gentlemen, I wish to become a 'man' and not a house. I never struck out to become a 'Man Going His Own Way'. I simply wanted one thing: to become a man. Are your days and thoughts on this earth filled with nothing but house maintenance and chores. I find it pathetic that man, a lion, is trained to do only this in his free time. He is not conquering new worlds and discovering new lands. He is... cutting the grass... repairing the hedge... MGTOW is always framed as men running away from the plantation of intolerable pains. I never saw it that way. Just being a man made me incompatible with the role that corporations, women, and general society wanted me to be in. They will say, &quot;A Real Man does X...&quot; where X is being leveraged to serve them. To me, the choice is simple: you are either a man or you are a tool. Sadly, it was impossible to bond with my old friend. We might as well have been from different countries.&quot; unquote Actually Macavity a man is not a house. He's an unpaid groundskeeper while his wife ages and turns into the cryptkeeper. That grass he has to mow might as well be him maintaining his own tomb. Because being married you're not quite dead nor are you quite alive. When they shame you to do X or y they are taking your validation away if you don't comply. I'll discuss what Macavity said in a moment but let me first tell everyone about today's sponsor Profit Specialist Group: <br> <br> <br> <br> <br> <br> <br>10 images licensed and paid for through BigStock.com. All image licenses are available upon request. <br> <br>Ad Photo Credits: <br> <br>1. https://www.bigstockphoto.com/....image-129764942/stoc <br> <br>2. https://www.bigstockphoto.com/....image-421296764/stoc <br> <br>3. https://www.bigstockphoto.com/....image-150989840/stoc

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