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MGTOW Saved Another Life

Published on 08/24/18 / In Red Pill

MGTOW Saved Another Life

Volcano Rats

Brain stimulation decreases intent to commit assault

MGTOW Mystery Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jltM5qYn25w

Hi Everyone Sandman Here,

This video is brought to you by a donation from Pete and here's what he has to say: "Hi Sandman, My name is Pete and I am a member of a band called "Volcano Rats" from Chicago. I would love for you to take a listen to our debut EP and review it on your channel. We are a band of two red-pilled men who discovered the truth about relationships and modern women after my divorce and my bandmate's second divorce. Though he does not consider himself a MGTOW, he understands female nature and the pitfalls of relationships with women. I discovered MGTOW in August 2016 after stumbling upon a Barbarossa video, which led me to finding your channel and TFM's channel very shortly thereafter. I have been a daily dose of red pills consumer ever since and appreciate all the work you do for men. I truly believe discovering the Youtube MGTOW community saved my life. Our EP is not expressly a MGTOW record, but many of the lyrics were written from a MGTOW perspective, particularly the songs "Exit Pro", "PUA-Hole", "Duck, Duck...Noose!" and "This One's For Charles." The latter being a playful song about having the freedom to do what I enjoy when I want, without being encumbered by the demands of a nagging wife. The EP is available on our Bandcamp page, as well as iTunes, Prime Music, Google Music, Spotify and many other music platforms. I've attached a link to our EP on Bandcamp." Well Pete thanks for the donation and sending me your album for review. I put the links to your bandcamp and YouTube channels in the description. As for your music I used to do photography at a lot of open mic nights and most of the time it was either pop or rock music. The truth is well don't quit your day job to persue your punk rock music. After listening to you music I would suggest that if you're going to persue it play at bars and coffee shops and improve your sound. Either that or find other ways to market yourself. The song PUA-Hole almost good enough to use as background for YouTube videos. The same goes for the one called This One's For Charles. So that's another possibility license your music to YouTube channels if you want to make money. I liked the songs where you used more reverb. But as a guy that has clients that are musicians that pay me to shoot videos for them the music business is not like it was in the 1980s and 1990s with CD sales and many bands could make a decent wage singing in different places around town. Plus there's also something pesky that's called the Pareto Distribution that Jordan Peterson talks about a lot of the time. He says that people don't listen to bands equally. But that only a fraction of one percent of the musicians out there today get anyone listening to them. There are a lot of electronic music acts that I listen to. Sorry but I haven't really listened to rock since the 1990s and early naughties but even those electronic DJs today, many of them with amazing content, no one listens to them.

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