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MGTOW Saved My Life

Published on 09/26/15 / In Red Pill

"Hi Sandman. First of all I want to thank you for all your work, you're really an inspiration to me and lots of men out there. Now here's my question. A couple of years ago I was diagnosed with a quite severe case of depression. I took regularly tons of different prescription drugs but somehow it seemed to me that they just worsened my conditions rather than improving it until I discovered the MGTOW way. I suddenly realized that gynocentrism and not doing the things that I do for myself were things at the core of my sadness and isolation. So my question is what tips would you give to men like me trying not to struggle with depression? I know that you're not a doctor or psychologist but somehow the MGTOW way seems an excellent medicine. Thank you and keep up the good work." Thanks for the donation Alassandro. I'll share my own story with depression first before discussing what people can do when struggling with it. Years ago I went through a serious depression for a number of years. I had everything including income from websites that kept coming in on a passive basis. I was in the right relationship at the time as best I knew a relationship to be. And I was travelling the world, taking pictures and making money from that. I had everything I could want yet I was depressed. And the reason for that was that I didn't have a purpose and I wasn't doing enough to keep my mind active. I spent a lot of time watching TV and pursuing a hedonistic lifestyle. People often say that when a person is dying the last thing they think about is I should have worked harder or more. But the dangers of not keeping your mind active and in a struggle of some kind is even worse. Most people in their twenties don't have the luxury of coasting and not having to work and living a semi-retired life. And have the luxury to think about life on a full time basis. I guess the reason I'm saying this is because working too much causes depression and working too much at a job you hate also brings depression. But most importantly you can be depressed even if you give yourself all the things you want in life. Sometimes the life we want is depressing you and we aren't even aware of it. At the end of August I was in rough shape and my neck was swelling up and I was in horrible pain as my meds weren't working. And I thought to myself what if this was it? What if this situation was going to lead to my death? I know I'm being melodramatic but the what if scenarios were playing in my head.

10 pictures paid for and licensed through BigStock.com (In order of appearance)

1. Andrey_Kuzmin - Hand in sea water asking for help. Failure and rescue concept.

2. Royster - Sea Rescue

3. toxawww - Firemen at work on fire

4. Artisticco LLC - Rescue Team Helping People During Flooding

5. ia_64 - Arson or nature disaster - firefighters at burning fire flame on wooden house roof.

6. Flynt - Businessman in a blindfold stepping off a cliff ledge with giant hand drawing a bridge

7. razihusin - Rescue Helicopter At Sea

8. Voy - Lifeguard Couple With Rescue Equipment

9. Artzzz - Fireman Extinguishes A Fire

10. kadmy - firefighters team in uniform in front of fire engine machine and fireman team

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