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Migtown Episode 039.5 Drexel vs Not Hitting the Wall

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migtown podcast
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Published on 02 Sep 2021 / In MGTOW

Surprise Upload!

So Manic the Manic Mechanic joins us from Undead Chronic's Warband crew to discuss TGTOW, gaming, the zoom/doom pill, hitting the wall, dating in school, post wall Tinder thots, a raid by Ken Jennings, and much more!

Manic's channel: https://www.youtube.com/channe....l/UCgff8uE4hyw9E3ma0
Manic's Twitter: https://twitter.com/ManicUCW

This video is a YouTube/MGTOW.tv exclusive. Our regular Episode 40 will release on Friday as scheduled. This little treat for our fans is part of our denial that this show has not hit the wall yet.

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