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‎@Mohammed Hijab demands a Public Apology, so I decided to... [Watch till End]

Published on 02/07/22 / In Red Pill

Mohammed Hijab was upset about some comments I made more than 7 months ago in a podcast with the 3 Muslims where we reacted to a debate between Zeeshan and a Christian.

During the podcast, I praised Zeeshan for his work, and I gave a little correction / advice to the brother.

I also reached out to them privately in the DMs regarding this matter, but it seems they did not see the messages.

Sadly, brother Mohammed Hijab felt that I was refuting brother Zeeshan or attacking him and decided to advise me publicly and demand an apology.

For the sake of brotherhood and for leaving an argument and for the sake of unity, I am more than happy to publicly apologize to the brothers if they were offended by anything and if this means we can unite feesabeelilah.

Finally, as a reminder from Allah, I end with this Ayah:

"And hold firmly to the rope of Allah all together and do not become divided. And remember the favor of Allah upon you - when you were enemies and He brought your hearts together and you became, by His favor, brothers. And you were on the edge of a pit of the Fire, and He saved you from it. Thus does Allah make clear to you His verses that you may be guided." [Quran 3:103]

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