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My 26 Year Old Girlfriend Lied. She's Actually 42! - MGTOW

Published on 03/13/22 / In Red Pill

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Hi Everyone Sandman Here,

This video is brought to you by a donation from Mr. Anonymous and here's what he has to say: "Hi Sandman, I've followed your content for many years, but only recently did a girlfriend's inherently duplicitous nature turn that unswallowable red pill into a gummy bear. Here's the jiffy: Days before COVID shut down the US in March 2020, I bedded this beautiful 26 year old. I agreed to support her on $200 weekly in exchange for sleepovers. About 6 months in, she seemed like she was catching feelings, and so was I. A few months ago, I finally took her on a 12 day road trip spanning nearly 4,000 miles. One night, the bartender remarked how she looked so much younger than 42. My girlfriend immediately started crying. I asked why she lied about her age, to which she said: "because I want to be spoiled." I assured her I was attracted to her because of her beauty, charm, and vibes, not because of something arbitrary like her birth year. Then one day after we had returned from said trip, she asked me for money to get her nails done. I didn't give her any. I had also stopped giving her an allowance. Besides learning her real age, I learned she actually makes a
passive income. Then the sex turned into starfish sex or no sex at all. For the past month, she completely ghosted me. My friends are all sad for me, but I'm finally psychologically sober. My body has officially metabolized the Red Pill. Sandman, until she left, I thought that if you loved a person for who they were, then they'd let go of their superficiality and be themselves. Thankfully that Blue Pill idealism ghosted me as well. As always, I'll appreciate your commentary." Well Mr. Anonymous thanks for the donation and topic. So basically she was your middle aged sugarbaby for the low low price 199.99 a month. She was a 42 year old prostitute pretending to be your 26 year old girlfriend. When you say that she seemed like she was catching feelings it probably only appeared that way because you were the one getting emotional. There was no way to check on her emotional state realistically. How do you feel spoiling a milf like a woman in the prime of her life? You certainly did that what a 4000 mile road trip. You probably did all the planning and booked the hotels and she just tagged along and didn't offer up any money. Money that she was collecting passively without you even realizing. She cried when she was discovered by you to make herself appear to be the victim in your eyes and gain your sympathy. More like S-I-M-P simpathy. At least she was honest about wanting to be spoiled. She had to say something at that point. What was she going to say her ID was fake so she could get a milf discount at the sizzler? I'll discuss more in a moment but let me first tell everyone about today's sponsor Chris Whalen:

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