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My Take On The @FreshandFit vs. Aba & Preach Fiasco (Better late than never...)

Donovan Sharpe
Published on 10/26/21 / In Red Pill

Sale at https//TSRAcademy.com Up to 60% Off My Courses & eBooks! “I've stayed silent long enough…” Donovan has held back but now it is time for him to voice his opinion about Aba & Preach and their attack on the Fresh and Fit podcast crew and the fallout. LIKE, SUBSCRIBE & HIT THE BELL! ⏳Time Stamps⏳ (Thanks to Kain's Legacy)
1:10 Intro 'Its your man Donovan Sharpe'
4:24 Announcements
10:18 Evaluates (Aba & Preach)
20:28 Super Chats
22:00 Explaining Ayende
28:35 Starting the video
35:55 Transactional vs Validational S3x
46:30 Preach equates working girls to customer service
52:29 Aba & Preach disprove Transactional S3x while doubling down
1:02:56 Aba & Preach don't care about respect or desire when it comes to S3x
1:06:17 Aba was never a player
1:13:45 Making a necessity a virtue
1:22:27 Super Chats
1:24:57 Why Aba & Preach started drama
1:29:33 Anna Quinn & Nina Unrated
1:34:58 I am doing now what I should have months ago
1:38:40 Super Chats
1:44:07 Announcements
1:45:31 RAGE! Aba & Preach accuse Myrion of being an epar-ist
1:52:19 Send me your suggestions/ Super Chats/ End of stream talk
⏳Time Stamps⏳ (Thanks to Kain's Legacy)

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