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No Time Off When You Have A Girlfriend - MGTOW

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Published on 16 Nov 2021 / In Red Pill

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Hi Everyone Sandman Here,

This video is brought to you by a donation from Brian and here's what he has to say: "Hi Sandman, This money would have gone toward's some woman's student loans if not for you so keep it up. I'm a young 31 year old guy living in Florida who kind of went straight from red pill rage to mgtow which I think is good. My last serious relationship lasted about 5 years and ended about a year ago. I think one thing I remember the most that pissed me off and but I didn't do anything about was when we went to check out this expensive new rich person 7 story shopping plaza. I was just walking around a few steps ahead of her, scoping out everything because it was overwhelming. She got mad that I was "leaving her behind" and asked me in a very disrespectful tone, "Am I here alone? " Over and over. As if me being 2 steps ahead and not holding her hand meant we were strangers. I was literally just walking and looking at all the cool shiny things in this rich-person mall. Anyway, it's tense and annoying leading up to this popular Mexican-themed restaurant on the top of this huge mall. We finally make it and she is pissed at me the whole dinner, but the waiter guy and I hit it off. When I would joke with him, he loved it and kept telling her how awesome I was. She was pissed. I just kept smiling. It was great. Anyway, I decided that day nobody would ever talk to me like that again, especially not in a relationship. I find that specific tone of disrespect in every long-term couple I know, and it goes for both genders. I feel it is only possible once a certain amount of time has passed, and the couples are 1, extremely comfortable, and 2, know enough about each other's insecurities to call them out in random comments at friendly gatherings and family parties. It has always made me incredibly uncomfortable and is the same tone my ex had that day. I also had a crush on a girl I met when my former roommate and I lived together but I had just started my 5 year relationship back then. A little bit after the breakup I contacted her on Instagram and we clicked and everything felt good. My sleep schedule was messed up from working nights and I slept a lot at odd hours. Because of that, some days I was very talkative and flirty, and some days I was exhausted and withdrawn when we'd normally chat. Being this way was apparently perceived as being inconsistent to her. She basically expected me to always keep the energy I was expending jumping through hoops to entertain her and make her feel special. I also worked alternating weekends and wouldn't talk to her unless I wanted to see her. I didn't see the point in communicating during the day only to say "okay bye. gotta go to work now." One weekend I worked and slept during the day to prepare for the night, and she texted me around 5pm "Why didn't you ask me to hang out today if you didn't work" And I said that uh, I did work, which is why I didn't hit her up. And then all was forgiven. But being punished and confronted for breaking invisible rules that aren't real, rubbed me the wrong way and I realized everything was a game and I was tired of it. HuMan was the first person I ever saw that introduced me to mgtow so I hadn't gone through redpill rage yet. I think after that period died down I know I am able to hear the words of you, Human, and everyone else who actually preaches MGTOW truth and not pua bullshit. Thanks for reading." Well Brian thanks for the donation and topic. Before I get to it let me first tell everyone about today's sponsor Surviving 4th wave feminism:

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