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No Women In Your Life Means A Happy Life - MGTOW (068)_small

Published on 01/21/22 / In Red Pill

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Manslaughter and Not Justification

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Hi Everyone Sandman Here,

This video is brought to you by a donation from Fried Chicken and here's what he has to say: "Hello Sandman, I am sure you have already heard of the story of an ex-wife defying a Court Order to turn over son to his Father and the ex-wife's simp ending the Father. As usual the woman is the cause and Men are still too stupid and thirsty to realize that no wife = happy life. I will go even further and simply say no woman in your life = happy life. I am sure the ex-wife swallowed her simps schwing-schwang and load after her simp ended her kids father. Now her simp gets to smack the fathers kid around as much as he wants. We don't need to be boyfriends or husbands anymore. We don't need to be fathers anymore. We need to live the most free and happiest life a Man can possibly have. Living a woman-free life means you will be untouchable by women's lack of accountability, feminist family courts and the state. Thank you sandman and I hope I spelled schwing-schwang correctly :) I've attached a link about a custody battle between a ex-husband and ex-wife and how the woman and her new simp turned against the ex husband." Well Fried chicken, I'll call you FC for short thanks for the donation and topic. I put the link you sent me in the description. I've never made a video about a story where a simp deletes a woman's ex-husband because she got the two of them to fight. I'll review that story momentarily but firstly I agree with you FC that not having women in your life is a blessing. When you're a nice guy you typically have women coming out of the floorboards like attention cockroaches. Then when you ignore them and make it clear you don't want to talk to them they just disappear as if they are trying to punish you by taking away female validation. They go from Obsession to nothing in one second. They are just out there searching for another tampon man. But even if you can avoid women at home and at work they are still out there like the politician Elizabeth Warren attacking so called greedy Turkey farming corporations for raising thanksgiving and Christmas day prices and not the government cronies like herself that are printing money. She's gas lighting mostly male run and built corporations. She's trying to distract you from the very same thing she's accusing you of. As men we are forever being touched by women's lack of accountability so long as women are politicians and treasury secretaries and soon presidents too. Perhaps the new Bitcoin city in El Salvador will free us from wasteful government spending as it's a tax free zone. Anyways, I'll discuss more as well as the story about an ex-husband being taken out behind the shed like old yeller with a boom stick just for wanting to see his own son in a second but let me first tell everyone about today's sponsor Cash Discount Pro:

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2. https://www.bigstockphoto.com/image-421296764/stock-photo-girl-holding-cash-money-in-dollar-banknotes-woman-holding-lots-of-money-in-dollar-currency-luxury%2C

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