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Overcoming Poverty, Prison, and Adversity w/ @Tall Guy Car Reviews

Published on 05/13/21 / In Red Pill

Tonight, we are bringing back Slim to talk about prison, basketball, how he started his YouTube channel, and the struggles he encountered before achieving success.

Guest Slim (Tall Guy Car Reviews)
YouTube: @Tall Guy Car Reviews
Luv and Slim Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbZXkbenyqos1SeugzGb5ZQ
Slim IG: https://www.instagram.com/tallguycarreviews_/
LuvNSlim IG: https://www.instagram.com/luvnslim/
Website (Merch): http://tallguycarreviews.com/

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#TallGuy #freshandfitpodcast
00:00 Intro, anoucements
02:45 Show start
04:15 How did you get your name, and how'd you start on you tube?
07:28 You started with a honda, and went to a lambo?
10:10 Can you give the people some of your background?
11:30 So you grew up in Minnesota?
13:30 Tallguys upbringing.
16:00 You got convicted for 7 felonies?
17:45 Fight or Flight
20:00 Super Chats
21:15 How did you overcome it all after you got out of jail?
24:00 Did you have to prove you're not a push over?
30:00 Hearing the testimony moved me.
33:45 If someones having a bad day, and you get crossed. Its on
35:10 Super Chats / Tallguy has a deep answer.
37:24 Don't make a decision you can't live with.
38:08 Talk about how you explain how you went from prison to basketball.
43:00 Talking about your brothers influence.
45:00 Myron: If you've built your self up to all these negatives, why not these positives?
47:00 Talking about starting school
52:25 Myron: Being in D1, its a way of life.
55:22 I came in up front, and let them know about my past.
58:15 I got a bachelors, but now what?
59:03 Tallguy's brother joins the chat.
1:01:10 Myron: Theres a huge difference to get to D1.
1:03:00 This story is extremely inspirational.
1:05:00 I made up my mind to just do it.
1:09:20 Talking about learning everything on Youtube
1:11:00 Obsessed with that car!
1:13:30 Started the Youtube channel with that car.
1:15:00 Myron, Just go hard like Alexander the Great!
1:18:06 What was your favorite car that you've reviewed?
1:19:30 I got this window of oppertunity, lets go
1:20:44 Can you talk about getting cars? tips and tricks *GEMS!!*
1:26:40 Whats your next car?
1:27:34 Can you apply the same thing on homes?
1:32:04 Whats the next "leap of faith" for you and your team?
1:38:15 You and MrOrganik really show the love.
1:38:50 Super Chats / Tallguy answers some viewer questions.
1:44:00 You gotta be at peace with yourself.
1:46:33 Super Chats.
1:47:40 If you feel some sort of way about that guy, its about YOU not him.
1:48:40 Show wrap up. And Tallguy talks about just getting things done.


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