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Pamela Anderson Divorces 5th Time & Hits The Wall - MGTOW

Published on 02/06/22 / In Red Pill

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Pamela Anderson splits from 4th husband after 1 year of marriage

Pamela Anderson on Julian Assange and 2016 Election | The View

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Hi Everyone Sandman Here,

This video isn't brought to you by any donations. If you want to send me a topic request you can with a small donation at the paypal or Subscribestar links in the description. All the articles are saying that Pamela Anderson just got divorced a fourth time. But most people don't realise she almost married 76 year old man back in 2020. The marriage certificate was filled out but it wasn't filed. That man in question is Jon Peters and he's worth 300 million dollars. So hopefully one of his friends or family member talked some sense into him so he didn't pump that DD demon full of semen. Now that she probably can't get a rich guy with high status her own age she goes for those that are 20 years older than her. Looks like Anderson has graduated her gold digging with rock stars to geriatrics. Her first husband Tommy Lee she was with him from 1995 to 1998 and they have two sons together. That was back at a time when rock Stars were a big deal in the 1980s and 1990s. The were the very well paid and Tommy Lee is worth seventy million dollars today. The were the best paid and probably got the best of her hypergamy. She got those 2 sons out of that deal plus I'm sure some spousal or child support money too because she was worth a lot less even with those million dollar breasts. Her second husband Kid Rock is worth $150 million dollars today. She got pregnant, probably to get an anchor baby to weigh him down financially but she miscarried and 17 days later she filed for divorce. I'm not saying that if she has botoxes her lips like a duck and has round hips like a duck she's a duck. Well in this case she's more like a monkey. Monkey branching from one man that's worth 70 million to one that's worth more than twice that. Her Third husband Rick Solomon wasn't a rock star and he was only worth fifty million dollars. So he was certainly a step down for her. When herdivorce from him was granted she still collected a $1 million dollar settlement. With Kid Rock neither of them got spousal support from each other and with Tommy Lee I couldn't find anything about that surprisingly. But it's certainly something. The disgruntled laid-off electrician that stole their sex tape make over 77 million dollars from it. The only thing that paid better than being an actress or rockstar in the 1990s was the guy that stole the sex tape. They credit him revealing their intimate life as the partial reason they got divorced. So now that I've revealed the first 3 husbands and the 4th almost husband I'll discuss the most recent one. But before I do let me first tell everyone about today's sponsor Chris Whalen:

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