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Quo vadis Response to a PM

Published on 12/07/13 / In Red Pill

"After watching some of your videos I feel mysef being pried away from my tradionalist view of the way the world should be. The type of people I usually look to for answers is the whole ultra far right, proto-facist, might makes right, Nietzschean ilk found at places like inmalafide and counter-currents publishing. Barbarossa pointed out how inherantly fragile the family unit is, women bailed the second they had a chance, therefore this is not the most stable, healthy enviroment to raise children in. The family unit cannot be maintained women men reasserting patriarchial control of women, and this will be unbelievably difficult considering the role modern technology (reproductive and otherwise) has played in their liberation. Patriarchy might not be possible without having to wind back the clock of technological progress. So the only other option is to look for technology to liberate men just as it did women. I get that. But any technology that would have any significant effect, such as the artifial womb, is decades and decades away at a mininum. The question is, what the fuck are we supposed to do till then? If society can even hold that long, then its quite optimistic to think the next Albert Einstein or Nicolla Tesla will be produced in a society consisting largely of women giving birth to bastards spawned only by alpha thugs, PUA's and sperm banks.
But the family unit is the foundation stone of civilisation, that cannot be denied. Despite all its flaws it has been the most stable and just institution to regulate sexuality. One of the only historical alternatives has been polygamy, which excludes huge numbers of men, which must be subsequently kept in line either through despotism, constant warfare or a combination of both. The other is single motherhood slutdom, with only the top tier alpha males procreating, no real male investment in society, therefore material and technological process is absent and disorder, chaos, poverty and violence are the order of the day. To my knowledge, no other system has ever existed in human history. Whilst you offer men alternatives to marriage on an individual level, you have yet to offer a viable, blue print of a post family unit society that might hypothetically exist in the future. I'm fine with men abandoning women and children, starving the beast of the state, as a strategy to hasten the collapse of the system, but how exactly can we build a heathly society afterwards if men don't restablish a patriarchial nuclear family structure? None of you have actually manadged to outline how this could possibly work. I'd love to hear one, because at this point it simply nothing more than utopianism. Not saying it shouldn't ever be attempted, but how would you see something which has never been attempted in history.
I don't see "society", as I define it, as being possibly without men being highly invested in its protection and advancment. Men WILL NOT invest in a society that doesn't afford them the reliable oppurtunity to satisfy there deepest biological needs, to fuck and procreate with women. The nucelar family, rigidly enforced sexual mores, provide most men with this oppurtunity, polygamy, single mother slutdom do not. Do you forsee the artificial womb in combination with widespread legalised prostitution as something that might take of the problem? I don't think it will personally because the primal need to bond, commite and procreate with one woman, or atleast many women in a serial monogamous way (whilst fucking other women on the side), is far to strong, but I'd love to hear your views. Also how could such a society where the nuclear family is not the norm successfully raise emotionally healthy children to be productive members of society? We see what basketcases the children of both single mothers and divorce are, how could we ensure that the products of the artificial womb aren't the same, or do you forsee a way to make sure that even such children manage to grow up recieving equal investment from both their mothers and fathers?
Listen, sorry to make this so long, but I hope you get my point. Male liberation, this is something completlely new, and I just think its silly to promote such a thing without giving a long, detailed explanation about how any other alternative could possibly succeed, what such a society would like, what its morale principles and laws (or lack thereof) would be and how you plan to overcome our own biological shortcomings which propell us to keep repeating the same behaviours again and again. You haven't done this yet, neither has barbarossa, or any other radical MGTOW types. Please do!"

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