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Ratchets On @FreshandFit Prove Black Women DON'T WANT To Take Care Of A Man

Donovan Sharpe
Published on 11/09/21 / In Red Pill

Sale at https//TSRAcademy.com Up to 60% Off My Courses & eBooks! LIKE, SUBSCRIBE & HIT THE BELL! On Today's TSR Live Dating and Relationship Podcast for Men, Donovan Sharpe shows a clip from the Fresh and Fit podcast confirm why black women don't make good girlfriends - black women don't want to cook, clean or do anything for a man but they expect to be treated like a queen. Join to watch Ad-FREE full length episode videos, access the Uncensored Live Stream & Private Chat on Sharpestream at https://sharpestream.com/join or at Donovan Sharpe's Patreon https://patreon.com/donovansharpe

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