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Sarah Jessica Parker Blames Misogyny For Her Shows Failure - MGTOW

Published on 02/13/22 / In Red Pill

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Sarah Jessica Parker thinks lack of interest in her new show is "misogyny"

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Hi Everyone Sandman Here,

This video is brought to you by a donation from D2024. He didn't give me a topic so I thought I'd cover how pissed off post wall Sarah Jessica Parker is pissed off saying that critics that are mocking her for having greying hair are just being misogynists. She's saying that that men would never criticize other men for having grey hair. She was sitting with Andy Cohen and he has a head full of gray hair and she called it equisite. She then asked everyone why it's ok for him to have grey hair but not her. She also said that she was criticized for having too many wrinkles. She says she doesn't have enough. Looks like women haven't receive the memo that men generally find them attractive for their fertility and their youth. Not their grey pubes and wrinkly breasts as they get to the age where they start wearing depends. At some age you have to wonder if a woman's ass is bigger because she's wearing diapers or if she's just had too much ranch dressing at the town and country buffet. I was alerted to this story by someone named TigPlaze and he posted this about it on the going your own way dot com forum and I quote: "Just because there's very little interest in her sequel to Sex And the City, that must mean everyone hates women. Leave it to an entitled actress to misuse the word "misogyny," which is supposed to mean "hatred of women." Her original show caught lightning in a bottle in that it found an audience that liked the show and kept watching it. Good for her, but most people were working normal jobs. Some were mundane jobs. Some were dangerous ones. Some were soul crushing. Meanwhile Ms Parker got to fulfill her life's dream by being on a popular TV show. Now, because she doesn't get to do that again, it must be because the public hates women? Get real. She's lucky her first show did so well. There's even a small chance her new show will catch on with a niche audience. I'd doubt it. Hollywood keeps pushing rehashed and uncreative shows and films on the public, and most people are sick and tired of that. She went online trying to drum up support for her new show, and she's shocked that people have commented on how much she and her former co-stars have aged. Let me get this straight. She went online and expected to be treated with kid gloves? People are going to notice that she's aged. How could they not? Does she not understand that part of her original show's appeal was that she and her co-stars were good looking? They were attractive, and people found the stories told by that show to be interesting. Maybe she should count her lucky stars. There are
actors who struggle for years in Hollywood, only to have their finest role on their resume be something like, "fat bouncer dude" or "hot chick who gets murdered." Parker got to live her creative dream. Now if the public isn't interested enough in having her do that again, everyone must be a bunch of misogynists. Feminist entitlement is unbelievable." Well TigPlaze the show isn't even out yet but I don't think it's going that well so what better way to prepare a response for it's failure then to attack the critics before it ever comes out? Surprisingly there's a lot of interest already. I looked up Google Trends and cat ladies everywhere are feeling nostalgic for their more fertile days. The searches for Sex in the city are 75% of where they were when the series concluded and the film came out. Unfortunately for us it's going to be successful and old women everywhere will wet their depends with excitement. Before I discuss more about this disgusting mess let mess let me first tell everyone about today's sponsor Chris Whalen:

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