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Shit Tests - MGTOW

Published on 07/17/14 / In Red Pill

This video has been a long time coming. I've been thinking about the shit test and why and how women put men through these types of tests. If ever there is a reason to go your own way this is it. And as far as I can tell the shit test is a way for a woman to test a man and see if he is worthy of her. If he is truly a man, whatever that's supposed to mean. But in the process he deal with the psychological torment of doubting his own manhood and having mind games inflicted on him. I say thanks but no thanks! Now that I know how shit tests work there is no reason to ever go through one again. When I used to have to take shit tests I would feel like one of these Eukanuba super dogs having to jump through hoops because my partners wanted me to. If you fail the shit test then a woman loses respect for you. Here's an example I want to share from one of my friends. He's currently married and weighs two hundred and fifty pounds but when he met his wife he only weighed one hundred and fifty pounds. His current wife was only his girlfriend at the time. And she told him she likes chubby guys. So what does he do? He gains 100 pounds because she likes him
that way. But the thing is he had just finished losing one hundred pounds to attract a girlfriend and once he got her he gained it all back. I believe that she was putting him through a shit test to see how much of man he really was and he ended up failing the test by doing what she wanted and gaining the weight back. Back in my early twenties I was with a woman that wanted me to do the same, gain weight. I thought it had to do with her own insecurities about her weight. And there was no way in hell I was going to do what she wanted. I didn't feel like turning myself into a walking rectangle because she wanted me to. She put me through many other shit tests as well and I held my own and kept telling her no over and over again. Then she decided that she wanted to move to another city and gave me an ultimatum to leave with her. I told her no way and ended the relationship. I was done. I thought she was being selfish and to a certain extent she was. But in reality she was bluffing and it was all a more elaborate shit test then the last one she put me through. Women put men through shit tests constantly and subconsciously. They want to know that the men they are in a relationship with or dating have other options besides them. They want to know that a man is not needy but there are other women fighting for his attention as well. If he willing to stand up for himself then he's willing to stand up for her if she chooses to be his man. The problem is the shit tests never end. Even when a woman has a firm grip on a man she will constantly keep putting him through them until the day the relationship comes to an end.

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