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Stupid Men Taking Their Wife's Last Name - MGTOW

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Published on 18 Jan 2022 / In Red Pill

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Meet the men taking their wife’s surname

The Few Republicans Who Stopped Congress From Drafting The Nation’s Wives, Sisters, And Daughters Deserve Our Praise

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Hi Everyone Sandman Here,

This videos is brought to you by a donation from Mr. Anonymous and here's what he very briefly has to say: "Hi Sandman, Please cover this article. It's all about men, I mean simps, taking their wife's surname. Thanks" Well Mr. Anonymous thanks for the donation and topic. I put that article in the description for people to checkout. The author of the article Samanta Selinger-Morris believes that women taking their husband's last name is an archaic tradition. I agree because I've said before the the best thing for humans to do with regards to last names is for the men to keep theirs and women to also keep theirs and any boys should be named after the fathers last name and any girls after the mothers. That makes it a lot easier for future generations to follow their family tree. But the way that birth rates are going there won't be family trees more like a family tree stump. The article says that a guy named Dalton decided it was a good idea to take his wife's last name because it took her years to build up her last name which is attached to her business. Dalton's wife is also shorter than him in the picture in the article. I'm not sure if she's wearing high heels to help emasculate him or if she's just naturally shorter because you don't see below her knees. This article is from Australia and it says that in Canada, Ireland and the United States the trend of men taking women's last names has been a trend in those countries and it has now firmly landed in Kangaroo land too. They article says that women are no longer the property of men so it doesn't make sense that women take a man's last name. But with the family courts being as tough on men as they currently are a married man might as well belong to his wife and the state. The article even says that domestic violence is more closely linked to men seeing the women they're with as being their property. If you believe a woman is more likely to be assaulted by a man if she takes his last name you'd think that was insanity. Surprise I don't. The men that take their wive's last name are so full of soy they can't make a fist without their wrist going limp in an effeminate way. I'll discuss more about about this Australian Cuckaroo trend in just a moment but let me first tell everyone about today's sponsor Hex: Anyways, now back to the cucked like a Kookaburra bird clown world show. I can't believe this article's author actually found three different couples willing to share their story. Samantha says that men changing their last name to their wife's promotes gender equality. It doesn't. It promotes female superiority and that the man is the property. True equality would be if both of them kept their last names. That's what I always wanted to happen if I ever married anyone. That's the most egalitarian solution. One man she interviewed named Chris Boyd changed or hyphenated his last name to Idermark-Boyd and had this to say and I quote: "It would feel wrong to have my father’s family name,” says Idermark-Boyd, a lawyer from Sydney who now lives in London, noting that his wife has few relatives, globally, and their new surname is a way of ensuring that her family line continues. “We’re really happy with the decision that we’ve got our own little identity.” unquote. The first way women are shift the culture is by hyphenating names and then eventually emasculating their men by forcing them to change their last names. It's a power play and it's not about equality. But it's about superiority and technically about ownership through those family courts. I always saw women taking their husband's last name as an advantage. If a woman doesn't change her last name when she gets married then all of her ex boyfriends can still find her online through social media. It's like she puts on a cooch cloak and disappears from sight from all the men that may have once pursued her.

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