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Survive To Bang Her Body Another Day - MGTOW

Published on 02/08/22 / In Red Pill

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MGTOW as an Animal Migration

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Hi Everyone Sandman Here,

This video is brought to you by a donation from Thomas. He didn't give me a topic so I want to read a post called MGTOW as an Animal Migration which I've put a link to in the description by someone one the going your own way dot com forum. But it's a bit lengthy and before I read it let me first tell everyone about today's sponsor Hex: Anyways, now back to the MGTOW is nothing more than male survival and safety first instead of procreation second clown world show. Here's what someone named ScrewJita has to say and I quote: "I view MGTOW as an animal migration in response to an environmental stressor, -exactly- like geese migrating south from the winter. Those northern locales are their mating zone, and doubtless a great many of them would prefer to hang out partying and getting laid all year long (be careful what you wish for, geese). But the fact is, that winter is coming, and if they don't migrate, they're going to end up dead. They feel this in their bones, the tradition has literally bred into the populace at this point. It's pure instinct nowadays, just as the "V" flight pattern. And what I term "male disengagement" is basically the same thing. Men all over are leaving the corporate offices (what do you think the Great Resignation is really about?), avoiding woke colleges (cause who wants to take out $100,000 in undischargeable debt just so they can tip-toe around for four years with an Intersectional target on their backs?), avoiding public approaches in favor of online dating... All of these things are symptoms of men "leaving" a society that has become toxic to them. Not that they identify as MGTOW, or are even Redpilled.. But they are certainly "on their way". But there's more. Given that humans are an animal
species (we're made of meat just like everybody else), their behavior can be viewed in that sense. It's kinda depersonalizing, but we are effectively Apex Scavengers. Our dentition is similar to other scavenger species, and we are without question the most adaptive beasts in existence. So when you look at what MGTOW truly represents, an utterly devastating pattern emerges. Given that vertebrates function on two directives... A: Survive and B: mate and reproduce... In that order, and ALWAYS in that order... Basically, MGTOW are men whose Survival Instincts have overwhelmed their Mating Drive. At the bottom end of Reality, that is what is happening among the human species. (You can panic now, but since you're LIVING IT, I'm pretty sure you've already been panicked enough at this point.) And the only possible cause is an environment so toxic that mating behavior is an untenable threat to that animals' continued survival and well-being. Being a species whose hallmark skill is adaptation, we're adapting... by leaving the mating pool. Basically, we're the geese who just decide to never "fly north" again. We've retired, so to speak. And this is first and foremost, an individual awakening, a spontaneously-occurring event withing a man's life.

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