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The Art of Fearless Seduction | Brian Begin | Full Length HD

Published on 03/09/18 / In Red Pill

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In this video, Brian Begin discusses how to fearlessly connect with women through the art of seduction. You will learn how to live courageously so that you can get the high impact results with women that you want.

In the presentation, you will also learn:

- Why tension is essential for seductive success
- How to hold a dominant masculine frame when dealing with difficult women
- The two things you need to have amazing sex

00:00 start
01:00 – 09:05 – Brian share to the audience how he was before, his experiences, how he started his journey and eventually came up with the Fearless Man.

09:17 – 13:41 - Brian share what he learned from David Nagel called “The curse of the middle class”. He also talked about how men in lose their sense of purpose and passion because they don’t want to step into tension.

13:56 – 16:26 - Brian shared stories of successful people and how they became who they are now by stepping into tension.

16:27 – 18:04 - He discussed about the state pumping – when men are stepping into tension but they’re not growing. He also talked about developing a relationship to nervous system in relation to tension.

18:14 – 20:22 - Brian mentioned about Ted talk by Kelly McGonigal. The ted talk video is about a study of people in their different level of stress and as they become good with it, they start becoming more attractive to the world.

20:48 – 23:53 - Brian talks about the ability to feel emotions and relate called vulnerability.

23:57 – 25:51 - Brian talks about the law of polarity. He also mentioned about how he really wants his client to become successful and encouraged them to get the free information on his YouTube channel for this reason.

25:58 – 28:35 - Brian give an illustration about tension and communication.

29:10 – 40:41 - Model work with students

40:48 – 44:39 - Model work with Brian to demonstrate the polarity difference.

44:57 – 46:21 - Brian discussed the importance of stepping into tension and being masculine enough to get a whole different energy that will causes different effect not just to women but to the people around you.

46:30 – 50:44 – Brian emphasize vulnerability and share his personal experience about this.

50:46 – 54:50 - Brian discussed the two things that are essential to have an amazing sex.

54:43 – End - QnA

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