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The MGTOW/Black Pill Zoomer Gap

Published on 03/02/22 / In Red Pill

A clash of generations or simply a misunderstanding?

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Hugo de Garis
Hugo de Garis 4 months ago


God, masculists have a contempt for MGTOW apolitical wimpiness. If MGTOWs feel the system is stacked against them, then become masculists, and go to war against it, express your masculist rage and hatred, and get out there in society and preach your masculist ideas, give them your masculist rhetoric, so that society is changed, so that women are forced to FIP up (FIP = financially independent person) by bothering to get a career competent education, so that they can be FIPs as adults, so that masculists can create a FIP Society, that will solve most of men's gender issues, so that the divorce courts are made men fair, so that alimony is thrown out, since all women will be FIPs, custody of kids is made JOINT, by default. Masculists are pushing for the Parer (paternity rejection right) so that men have the same right as women to reject an unwanted pregnancy, so that if the woman continues with a pregnancy that he rejects, then by law, after he signs a paternity rejection form, she becomes fully financially responsible for the costs of raising HER kid. If shes a FIP, she can do that. Masculists want the establishment of gender equality committees in the parliaments, consisting half of female feminists and half of male masculists so that the gender issues of BOTH sexes are treated equally, which is far from being the case today.

Masculists see MGTOWs as contemptable, apolitical, gutless, WIMPS, and sneer at them. Masculists are fighters, masculists are angry, masculists are full of hate against fluffie, manslaving parasites, and have an even greater hatred against fluffie feminists who control the divorce courts, seeing them as both hypocrites and genociders, since they want equal rights with men in the parliaments, but reject equal obligations with men in not sharing equally the burden of earning the living, by not FIPping up at high school and college, by not getting career competent educations, so that they end up as fluffies as adults, expecting to parasite off the labor and money of a man for decades of his life, thus manslaving him. Fluffie feminists are genociders, since they have made divorce so toxic for men, that they have made marriage and paternity toxic for men, thus crashing the birth rate, and indirectly wiping out whole populations, hence are genociders that need to be stopped, with bullets if necessary.

Masculists are abolitionists, seeing fluffiedom as manslavery, and manslavery as slavery, which is hated and a war issue. Masculists are at WAR against fluffies and fluffie feminists. We punish them severely by totally ignoring them, we don't even pump and dump them, forcing their fluffie manslaving parasite genes to be removed from the gene pool. No culture that financially crucifies and destroys the lives of one father in FOUR, can survive. Men will snap, pick up arms and go on a sex war. Masculists are abolitionists, seeing man slavery as a hugely greater problem than was negro slavery in the US in the 1800s, which was the root cause of the US Civil War. There are billions of manslaves in the world today, who need to be liberated by masculist ideas. This is our decade, the decade of men, of masculists, to force women to FIP up, or rot on the shelf. If women don't VOTE with men for the menfairing of the gender laws, then we punish them by refusing to give them our sperm, forcing women into babylessness, thus making them crazy. Masculists are angry, masculists are full of hate at the massive gender injustices that still exist against men.

Cheers, Prof. Dr. Hugo de Garis, Masculist. (website : https://profhugodegaris.wordpress.com Click on the masculist tab for 500+ masculist MGTOW flyers.)

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