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The Problem With Women Today - MGTOW

Published on 03/12/22 / In Red Pill

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Hi Everyone Sandman Here,

Once again no donation for this video. If you want to request a topic you can do so by sending a small donation to the paypal or subscribestar links in the description. So with that out of the way I wanted to cover a video of Candace Owens being a hypocrit while attacking instagram hoochie mama's that go scantily clad on online. She says they do it because they are addicted to the dopamine rush of getting male attention and that it doesn't make them happy. But whatshe forgets to mention is that she's got a YouTube channel with over 500k subs and is on the Daily Wire with her new show called Candace. It's easy for her to criticize empowered ethots say because she's already getting her dopamine rush online from criticizing them. We live in an attention based economy and I agree that not all attention is the same quality but when she tells them not to strip for clicks it's like telling someone not attention which eat the junk food while you're eating steak. The majority of women are not smart enough to get the attention of a large audience the way that Candace does by putting big words in their mouth. The only attention they get is when they put a male member in their mouth instead or when they dangle their bodies on a camera in front of men like a steak. I see Canadace as Oprah lite. She's smart, serious and polite and white people tend to love her. I find her points laughable when she says that it's not going to bring these women happiness to get messages from men. What planet is this woman on? Women are made for attention. If they can't get positive attention they will settle for negative attention. They want to know that they are wanted. Remember for women the worst thing imaginable is not hate but indifference. Being ignored like they don't matter like an eight year old sitting half filled thirsty depends wearing dentures in an old age home. That's every woman's horror show. I'll discuss more about what Candace Owen's believes to be the problem with women today in just a moment but let me first tell everyone about today's sponsor Surviving 4th Wave Feminism: Anyways, now back to conservative Candace Owens unable to see that she's addicted to dopamine too clown world show. Dopamine is a hell of a drug and our own biology creates it to get us to do more of the actions it requires for survival. Traditionally the more positive attention you got from people that would elevate your status in the hierarchy and that would increase your chances of breeding and spreading your seed. So nature rewards you for building social relationships with others by releasing that dopamine. Candace Owens is catering to a conservative audience that hates the left and buys into the traditional untattooed woman that goes off and makes sandwiches in a sundress waiting for you to come into the kitchen and undress her. But only you because she was a virgin when her white skin, or in the case of Candice black skin kissed you. She criticizes women for their appearance and yet she wears a low cut sweater that appears to show some of her cleavage in tight black top. Why did she dress like that? Of course she's probably attacking women that are into twerking and devaluing themselves by wearing almost nothing at all. She says that the types of guys such women attract just want to sleep with them. But in reality women are using those guys for attention as friendzoned simps. She's right that soyciety is ill but she fails to mention that technology fueled Dopamine addiction either has to be stopped or we have to reorganize reproduction so that we can still keep getting that dopamine.

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