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The Queen Of The Queefs! - MGTOW

Published on 03/08/22 / In Red Pill

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Hi Everyone Sandman Here,

This video is brought to you by a donation from Mr. Nobleman and here's what he has to say: "Hey Sandman, love your work. You are literally a lifesaver! I been watching your content since my divorce end of April 2020, and you've helped me to put me head on straight again. With all these women calling themselves queens. Can you touch on the historic examples of what a Queen actually was and what was traditionally expected of her. And a princess as well. The fact that a princess had to marry a noble man, usually in an arrangement for political or financial gain to become a queen. And that her purpose was to provide an heir for that man, while he had his option for a harem of concubines with which he could make as many bastard children as he wanted. And should that woman be found barren, or cheated, the king or noble could leave her, or end her. And remarry immediately. And also that princesses where kept from horseback riding and other "stressful activities" to keep their hymen intact, should the new husband's have any doubt as to their "virtue"... These women want something they couldn't possibly qualify for... Total clown world for sure. Keep up the great work brother, it is absolutely needed in this day and age." Well Mr. Nobleman thanks for the donation and topic. Today's women are cherry picking because they've got that cherry between their legs. They want all the good things associated with being a queen and royalty in general and none of the bad. The average woman today lives better than the average queen did 300 years ago because she has the equivalent of 150 energy slaves in the form of electricity and fossil fuels. Those are all servants that are in essence going outside and chopping wood to heat her water so she can take a bath or use it to make tea. She also has more attention the women could ever have more than 200 years ago and it's all in her pocket and on tap. She has her own little digital fiefdom full of online social media followers. The average women four to five hundred years ago only knew a few hundred or maybe thousand people in her entire life. Let's face it today's women are already Queens and now they want to take men's power away and become Kangs too. I'll discuss more in just a moment but let me first tell everyone about today's sponsor Hex: Anyways, now back to modern women calling themselves Queens to get even more attention and resources from men than medieval queens and princesses clown world show. If you want an example of a modern pseudo princess then look no further than what happened with Megan Markle. She couldn't handle the responsibilities of being in the British Royal family so she was pretty much kicked out and so was her prince. She couldn't get along with what a 90+ year old woman expected of her. Women today want the good parts that come with being royal, the fame, fortune and attention. But they don't want to be disciplined and behave themselves. It's similar to where they want all the good parts associated with being a man but they don't want all the bad stuff that comes with it. How hard could it have really been for Megan? All she had to do was represent the family and country she married into in a prim and proper way. Mr. Nobleman you mention that in the past if a Queen or Princess didn't provide an heir she would left or ended by him. What if she leaves him today and goes off to ride the royal cock carousel.

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