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The Sound Of Simp Music - MGTOW

Published on 07/30/21 / In Red Pill

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Chris Whalen CPA

10 (1979) - Julie Andrews, Dudley Moore, Bo Derek

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Hi Everyone Sandman Here,

This video is brought to you by a donation from Ron and here's what he has to say: "Greetings Mr. Sandman, hope all is well. I wanted to get your take on the film "10", starring Dudley Moore and Bo Derek. I watched it while streaming the other night and remembered seeing this movie as a youth. The film had red-pill bombs without me realizing it at the time. In the film, Dudley Moores character ,( A man of means), pursues a so-called "10", but in the movie titled " "Arthur"( circa 1981), he plays another "Man of Means" character and pursues a so called "3". Ten plus 3 equal 13.."Genesis 14:4..lol.. Anyways, Sandman could you moleculary breakdown why a "Man of Means"..needs no "WHAMEN to please. How could this film apply to Modern Day MGTOW Philosophy? Dissect and interject to the Masses my brother. Thank you for all you, God speed to your future endeavors Sir.!!! Well Ron thanks for another film review. I enjoy making these types of old film reviews because these they take us back to a time when life was a lot simpler. However they also show us that all women are the same regardless of wherever or whenever they are. I'll review the film 10 in just a minute but let me first tell everyone about today's sponsor Chris Whalen: Anyways, now back to the why a man with means needs a woman to please clown world show. Dudley Moore the actor in this film is a shorter thinner version of Jack Black with regards to his style of humor. So how does this film connect to MGTOW philosophy today? I'll give you my take on it. It's a film from 1979 and Moore's Star was rising with his cornball comedy style. But at two hours long this film is too lengthy. The pacing was too slow for the first half and needs to be edited faster and shorter. Maybe it works for attention spans in the last seventies but it's annoying scenes that it's crammed full of scenes that don't progress the story or just give me anxiety. Do we really need a ten minute scene where George, the main character played by Moore talks to a priest about figuring out what the girl's name that's a 10 is. Ron with your film recommendations this one is the worst with regards to editing and also low brow humor. I like dark humor and this film doesn't have much of it in there. The art direction and cinematography are also bland. Meaning it's not pretty to look at. But with regards to the humor that's just Moore's style. I just don't find watching a man try to climb a hill for two minutes and fall over and over again all that funny. I could edit this thing down to an hour to an hour and twenty minutes. It would have been a nightmare if you were a kid having to fast forward to the parts with the orgy. You'd probably wear out the heads on the vcr before you got a chance to play with your head. Ron you mention that in Arthur he's a high status man that ends up with a woman that's a three. But in this film he is dating a single mother played by Julie Andrews that looks like a 2. He's a high status man and his girlfriend is a 38 year old woman. She's hard on the eyes but doesn't make anything in my pants hard and that's probably why she wasn't in the trailer. This film is the 1970s version of clickbait. An hour in we barely see Bo Derek more than 1 or 2 scenes. If I had paid to watch this in the theater because I was a Bo Derek Fan I would have been super pissed off because she's hardly in it. Instead with Julie Andrews in this so much they might as well have called the film the sound of milf music. Better yet the sound of gilf music because she looked like she was in her mid to late fifties in this while trying to play a 38 year old woman. The reason I think it took nearly fifty minutes before George went to Mexico to try and pickup Jennifer played by Bo Derek was because Andrews wanted more screen-time. So how does this whole thing start.

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