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These Women Are Making Me Thirsty - MGTOW

Published on 02/01/22 / In Red Pill

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The Cure

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Hi Everyone Sandman Here,

This video is brought to you by a donation from Brant Von Goble and he's the author the short novel called The Cure. If you want a copy it's only a buck 58 on Amazon Kindle in the description below. The book is in three parts called the illness, the cure and the follow-up. The illness is defined in one page as Bonding and Affection Dependency Disorder (BADD) I believe that Brant is just making up a disorder for guys that fall in love with love and are dependent on it and that that's a form of illness. I think it's made it up because I can't find a record of it anywhere on the internet. But knowing the medical establishment it's probably going to be real thing in five to ten years. So the Cure which is pretty much 95% of the novel starts off with Dr. Bimala Bhattacharya talking to her assistant Tristan. He's living out of his car and on his 3rd divorce and tells her all about it. Bimala is talking to Tristan and pretending to care and listen. He mentions how he was charged with 19 crimes by his ex-wife and can't see his own children. Now he's telling her about how he's going to be getting married a fourth time in his forties to some immigrant bride that he's been sending money to her family overseas. Bondig and Affection disorder or love is a disease that men get that women take advantage of. Dr. Bimila wonders what's wrong with Tristan? But I think that's wrong because a woman would not wonder, she would know exactly what was going on and she wouldn't tell him to protect her sister in the female collective. Brant you're assuming that women are just as clueless about relationships as men. Plus you made it so she's more competent in a Stem field and his authority figure. It's a very gynocentric situation. Now we learn about Tristan's probable future wife number four and her name is unpronounceable and she's half German and Irish. Let's call her Amore. She gets drunk and has feelings of disgust towards Tristan and believes he's ugly and pathetic constantly craving female validation. She's also a single mother and when he gets home for the first time in the story she's trunk and yells at him while her daughter is gone for the week to see her statistically-more-likely-than-not biological father. For Amore Tristan is the best she can get but she keeps telling herself that she could have done better. None of us believe that because of her abusive alci ways and her status in the single mother slut club. Her student visa was coming to an end because she lost her job at a university and Tristan is her backup plan for citizenship but I don't believe he knows that yet. I'll discuss more in just a moment but let me first tell everyone about today's sponsor Hex:

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