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Welcome To Crazy Cat Lady World - MGTOW

Published on 04/13/22 / In Red Pill

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The Men's Guide to High-Conflict Divorce & The Police Are Not Your Friends

Female Delusion Calculator

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Hi Everyone Sandman Here,

This video is brought to you by a donation from George and here's what he briefly has to say: "Hi Sandman I reached out to you 3 months ago about my 14 reasons why I choose to stay single, and I found out that you made a YouTube video out of it. just want to say thank you" Well George no worries. Since you sent me more shekels I thought I'd cover how women's high standards are going to take us to crazy cat lady world. There's a website called I Got Standards Bro which I put a link to in the description and it has a female delusion calculator on it that calculates the odds of women in America finding the man of their dreams based on US Census Bureau Data. Women say they want a man that's a 666. Makes six figures, is six feet tall and has at least a six inch shwing shwang. But let's face it six inches for that doesn't make the cut. I bet she wants it cut too? Too bad the US Census Bureau doesn't measure boners too. Then we would have an even more accurate calculator. So if a 30 year old woman that just hit the wall does a search for a man between the age of thirty and forty, because you know he can't be too old and it's ok if he's a couple of years younger and he's a white male that's six feet tall with a six figure salary, not obese and not married what is the magic number of available men for such a woman? That gives women a 0.37% probability that she's going to find such a man out of the entire general population of all men and that represents 0.66% of all men out there. According to the calculator such a woman would get four bags out of five of Tidy Butt Kitty Litter on the cat enthusiast scale. I'm not sure if the site was created by Aaron Clarey or if he's just sponsoring it because I see ads for his book of number book under the calculator portion. So I changed things up and bit on the calculator to make things a bit more realistic and I'll discuss the results in just a moment but let me first tell everyone about today's sponsor T Fitz: Anyways, now back to the crazy cat lady clown world show. So I changed the parameters for calculating what a woman is looking for. The new parameters are that the man be at least 5 foot eight, excludes obese and married men, is a man from all races with a minimum income of seventy thousand dollars a year. The age range for a 30 year old woman looking for such a man would be 28 to 45. The odds of finding a man like that is only 3.5%. If we include obese men it's 6.3%. Which shows us that about 45% of men are obese. So becoming a male gym rat if you're having trouble finding someone to date doubles your chances of finding a fat cat lady. If you're an unmarried white male that makes fifty thousand dollars a year is five foot eight, the average height and not obese between the age of 28 and 45 then you make up only 7% of the population. This calculator shows us that the odds of finding a woman is pretty good on the surface. But what it's not showing you is what percentage of women are married and not fat and entitled leftover women that no one wants. The problem of course is not that there aren't any available men for women. It's that they are mostly taken and if women wait too long like into their early to mid thirties and beyond then they will either get desperate and pick someone that doesn't meet their standards, only to divorce rape them later once they get a baby from them. Or they will try and wait until there's a good man that was divorced by a bad woman or one where his wife dies.

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