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What REALLY Goes on During Girl’s Night? w/ 5 Girls

Published on 08/18/21 / In Red Pill

⏳ Time Stamps ⏳
Intro 0:00-0:58 Announcements, Social Media/Content Plugs (like the video family!)
4:13 Fresh&Fit Address the current controversy, and keep it real with accountability. ? (Respect)
5:27 Superchats!
10:30 Big names coming soon on the platform. (check this out)
11:03 Superchats (continued)
14:22 Ladies introduce themselves.
19:39 Superchats!
21:20 First question, What do you look for in a guy short term/long term?
27:28 Superchats!
27:53 First question (continued)
36:46 Question for Morgan, which of your requirements does your BF meet?
46:40 If you have a crazy amplifier a woman might look past you not being her ideal type.
47:38 First question (continued)
52:18 Superchats!
57:40 Second question, For the man that you want what do you bring to the table?
1:09:00 The myth of "unconditional love"
1:11:52 Apparently...she IS the table. SHEESH!
1:14:58 Fresh..great question!
1:17:44 Second question (continued)
1:22:26 Superchats! (Like the video family!)
1:30:00 Video Reaction (Shout out to The Minorities!)
1:34:40 Third question, what ACTUALLY happens on girls nights out?
1:45:13 Is it reasonable for a man to tell his woman I don't want you in the clubs with your friends?
1:47:24 Superchats!
1:48:10 Men and women are different, and play by different sets of rules.
1:54:11 A woman will get rid of all avenues to meet other men if she loves a man.
1:57:55 What percentage of men are sexually active with women?
2:06:28 (Analogy time! enter the dream realm)
2:10:00 A man will typically lie (up) about his body count a female will lie (down)
2:14:27 Superchats!
2:14:45 Ladies ask Fresh&Fit their questions.
2:15:31 Is a woman's body count important to you?
2:19:38 What do men typically look for in women?
2:29:35 Who are easier to please men or women?
2:32:40 Superchats!(like the video family!)
2:34:30 How would you want a woman to love you?
2:39:39 Superchats!
2:42:58 A woman will always lose respect and attraction for you if you're vulnerable with her.
2:45:13 Superchats!
2:45:30 Ladies share their final thoughts.
2:49:40 Next episode announcements!
2:50:18 Outro (like the video family!)


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