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Why Do Women Ride The Carousel? - MGTOW

Published on 06/12/20 / In Red Pill

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Hi Everyone Sandman Here,

This video is brought to you by a donation from Ron. He sent a request before for the video red pill movies and sent a follow up donation saying this and I quote: "thanks..Man..I've been listening to you for about 6 months now..You've covered Galaxies of material/topics..etc.. You Brilliantly discussed my Topic..I got to check out FERRIS Again.. and Repo Man..I think I only saw it once or twice back in the day..Ohh..if you get a chance..Watch the Full Movie of The Last American Virgin......The Sound Track is Killer as well..peace.!!!" Well Ron thanks for the donation and I thought I'd dedicate this on to you as well. So I recently got an email from a gal name Jacqueline and here's what she has to say: "Hello Sandman I've been watching your videos for a year now and I hope you can do a video and give some advice to the young women. As a young woman I never understand why women are so proud of themselves for sleeping around with men because the more men a woman sleeps with the less he respects her and he won't commit to her. I'm very glad for my boyfriend he's a red pill man and he's a alpha male which I truly love. I'd like to thank him for teaching me about red pill and MGTOW I've noticed that after I lost my virginity which I never tell anyone because that's my partners and my business I've always seen and heard other women be talking about all the men they have sex with and which man they want to have sex with and just brag so much and say things like: "I'm so proud I got to sleep with him or I can't wait to F him." In my mind I never understand why these women are proud about that because I always think that the man you lose your virginity with is the man your supposed to marry and have a family with him. But it's like these women in my generation just lose their virginity's and run off to have sex with other men so hopefully you can do a video on your thoughts about this. Well Jacqueline thanks for sending me your message. Normally I don't reply unless you pay but this was just too damn juicy to not respond. You want to know why women sleep around and ride the carousel now do you? It's also for women hide the number of men they sleep with and other women, especially their friends won't share that information with their boyfriend or anyone else. Also yes guys lose respect for easy women because they do not want to burn their mitts on a hot pair of boobs. And by hot I don't mean in a good way. By hot I mean with regards to herpaghonasiphalades. Every imaginable STD under the sun hiding in her cream pie filled bun. It's covered in hemmeroids because it's had just way too much fun. I'll get to more of my thoughts about your comments and questions in just a second. But let me first tell everyone about today's sponsor The MGTOW Book collection:

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